Construction Services and Professional Consulting Retainer Contracts

The Office of Purchasing & Contracting (OPC) has created master contracts with a number of contractors to enable state agencies to quickly and efficiently obtain a variety of professional consulting and construction services. We have contractors under contract to provide services across a variety of professional consulting and construction services. OPC administers and maintains these Statewide Retainer Contracts, and the contractors have all agreed to the standard State terms and conditions.

This results in a two-step approach to procurement. The first step is selecting a group of contractors under a set of requirements or functional areas based upon their response to an RFP requesting those services. This step has been completed and led to creation of the master contracts mentioned above. The second step allows state agencies to solicit responses from those retainer contractors for a business need defined in a statement of work-request for proposals (SOW-RFP), and come to agreement by issuing a Purchase Order utilizing the PO Request Form. This process is not intended for projects that would result in contracts of more than $50,000. Therefore, the limit per engagement, i.e. per SOW, under this prequalification process is $50,000.

Professional Consulting and Construction Service Retainer Contracts
Retainer Form Statement of Work RFP
Retainer PO Request Form

Professional Consulting and Construction Services Categories authorized under the Professional Consulting and Construction Services Retainer Contracts include the following:

 Boiler & Furnace Services, Carpentry, Concreate, Masonry & Stone, Correctional Equipment, Electrical, Fencing, Flooring, General Contracting, Generators, HVAC, Environmental Consulting Services, Historic Restoration, Kitchen Equipment, Landscaping, Life Safety, Masonry/Stone, Mechanical Insulation, Metal Fabrication, Paving/Crack Sealing/Striping, Overhead Doors, Painting, Pest Control, Professional Services, Roofing, Sanitary Services, Security/AV, Site Work, Testing & Inspections, Water Treatment and Windows & Doors.


  • Adirondack Combustion,  Contract  33142
  • Alliance Mechanical, Contract 33143
  • Barclay Water Management, 33145
  • Dubois Chemicals Inc., Pending
  • Green Mountain Boiler Service, Pending
  • Homestead Heating & Plumbing LLC, Pending
  • New England Air Systems LLC, Pending
  • Therrien's Boiler & Mechanical Service, 33150


  • Baker Builders, Contract  29291
  • E.F. Wall, Contract  29167
  • Giancola Construction Corp., Contract  29168
  • Graves, Contract  29170
  • Graydon Gile, Contract  29292
  • J.J. Jimmo Dev., Contract  29294
  • Jack Bradt Fine Furniture & Cabinetry, Contrac  29293
  • Joe Gabaree Masonry, Contract  29304
  • Josh Walker, Construction, Contract 29803
  • Kingdom Construction, Contract  29295
  • Morse Remodeling, Contract  29363
  • Upland Construction, Contract  29205
  • VMS Construction, Contract  29290


  • Abatiello (Philadelphis Commercial), Contract 31691
  • M & M Carpet (Shaw Contract Group) Contract 31714
  • M & M Carpet (Shaw Patcraft), Contract 31695
  • Morrison & Clark (Philadelphia Commercial), Contract Pending
  • United Flooring (Shaw contrac Group), Contract 31723


  • G & N Excavation Inc., Contract 33640
  • Granite Corp of Barre, Contract 33630
  • Graves Builders, Contract 33631
  • Liszt Historical Restoration, Inc., Contract 33635
  • RG Gosselin Inc., Contract 33626


  • Bates & Murray,  Contract  32689
  • Benoit Electric, Contract 32687
  • Bob's Electric, Contract 33020
  • Brown Electric, Contract 32688
  • CFW Electric LLC,  Contract  32685
  • E & S Electric, Contract 32679
  • East View Electrical, Contract 32440
  • MEI Electrical, Contract 32678
  • Norway & Sons, Contract 32680
  • Omega Electric, Contract 32683


  • Benoit Electric, Inc., Contract 33378
  • CFW Electric, LLC, Contract 33395
  • Countryside Lock & Alarms Inc., Contract 33382
  • Fireprotec, Contract Pending
  • Life Safety Systems, Contract 33381


  • E.F. Wall & Associates, Inc.,  Contract  33049
  • Floor Rescue, Inc., Contract 33050
  • Graves Builders, Contract 33051
  • Jackson, Douglas J., Contract Pending
  • M & M Carpet Services, Inc., Contract 33054
  • Vermont Protective Coatings, Contract 33052


  • Alliance Mechanical, Contract 30676
  • Control Technologies, Contract 30674
  • Honeywell, Contract 30931
  • NEVTEC, Contract 30708
  • New England Air Systems, Contract 30745
  • Peak Mechanical, Contract 30580
  • Precision Balancing, Contract Pending
  • Temperature Controls of VT, Contract 30747
  • Trane, Contract 30749
  • U 1st Plumbing and Heating, Contract Pending
  • Vermont Mechanical, Contract 30578


  • New England Air Systems, Contract 31558
  • North Country Mechanical Insulator, Contract 31560


  • Anderson Welding, Contract 33197
  • E.F. Wall & Associates, Inc., Contract 33024
  • G Street Works LLC, Contract 33151
  • LWI Metalworks, Contract 33027
  • NEVTEC Ltd., Contract 33028
  • Quality Metal Products, Inc., Contract 33029
  • Reliance Steel Inc. , Contract 33030


  • Overhead Doors of Rutland, Contract 27448


  • Home Partners, Contract 32677
  • Kerber Decoration, Contract 32782
  • Luxbrush, Contract 32919
  • Marineau, Louis & Sons, Contract 32676
  • Precision Coatings, Contract 32675
  • Schmitts Painting, Contract 32438


  • Blaktop Inc., Contract 33667
  • Frank's Line STriping & Safety Marking, Contract 33690
  • G & N Excavation, Inc., Contract 33640
  • Gray's Paving & Asphalt Plant, Inc., Contract 33678


  • All Seasons, Contract 33031
  • Burrell Roofing, Contract 33032
  • E.F. Wall & Associates, Contract 33034
  • Graves Builders, Contract 33036
  • Kingdom Construction, Contract 33037
  • Rodd Roofing, Contract 33061
  • Southgate Steeplejacks, Contract Pending
  • Titan Roofing, Contract 33038
  • Vermont Roofing Co., Contract 33040


  • All Seasons Construction Corp., Contract 33041
  • E.F. Wall & Assoicates, Inc.,  Contract 33042
  • Fishburn, S A Inc., Contract 33048
  • Graves Builders, Contract 33043
  • Kingdom Construction Inc., Contract 33044
  • Royal Group Inc., Contract Pending



Any state agency or department may draft a SOW-RFP for their project under $50K.
Once finalized, the SOW-RFP shall be e-mailed by the Contracting Agency to all contractors in the category that fits the project.

Contractors respond with proposals, and come to agreement with the State by signing a SOW Agreement.

OPC shall maintain oversight and manage the statewide retainer contracts. BGS shall have oversight responsibility of project types, but the projects performed under these contracts are the responsibility of the agency or department that executes them.

The type or number of contracts will vary over time. The intent is to requalify/prequalify contractors every two years.

Departments and agencies should contact OPC if there is a specific functional area or category of work that is not covered by the contractors in the pool.


Contractors must wait to be contacted by an agency or department that needs some work. The contractor must NOT solicit work from state entities.

Contractors should respond to SOW-RFPs via e-mail in accordance with the instructions in the SOW-RFP and the terms of the contract they originally signed to become a prequalified contractor.



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