Fairhaven Welcome Center


Fairhaven Welcome Center

1356 Prospect St Route 4 East, Fair Haven, VT
Tel (802-265-4763) Fax 802-265-2136
Email: fw.center@state.vt.us


Information on this Site:

Constructed: This section of roadway was completed in 1980. The structure dates shortly after this time.
                         Renovations were completed between 1996-1997.

Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.7 days a week


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Visitor Traffic Statistics 


  • This facility is accessible from both routes 4W and 4E.
  • Fair Haven serves a large area of Vermont from Bennington up to Montpelier and Burlington, and across Vermont on route 4.
  • The Fair Haven Welcome center staff manages the Vermont Information Center Divisions brochure distribution system.

 Primary Travel Market:

  • Travelers entering Vermont from New York
  • Travelers heading to New York from Vermont


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Fairhaven Carriage Shed Gazebo

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