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Administrative Policies - Policy 0037

State of Vermont
Agency of Administration
Department of Buildings & General Services

Policy 0037 

Title: Montpelier Capitol Complex Parking
Date of Issue: December 30, 2005


Title 29, Section 153


Buildings & General Services Policies
No. 0010 "Parking Regulations in State-Owned Parking Lots"
No. 0011 "Towing Procedures"


This policy is intended to help ensure parking lots in the Capitol Complex are utilized appropriately and receive consistent monitoring and enforcement, as parking for state employees in the Capitol Complex is limited.


State employee parking within the Capitol Complex will be controlled through the issuing and use of parking permits and enforcement of parking restrictions.

Parking permits will be issued to any state employee who requests a permit.

Vehicles in any lot that are determined to be in violation of the regulations outlined in policies 0010 and 0011 may be subject to towing at the owner's expense.

Vehicles in van pools, or registered car pools, such as Vermont Ride Share, will need to display a BGS-issued parking permit in addition to a registered Ride Share permit.

Parking permits must be displayed and easily viewed on the rear view mirror or dash board of vehicle.

It is the employee's responsibility to obtain and renew parking permits and to be aware of signage that regulates parking in particular areas. The Department of Buildings and General Services will issue a reminder to update parking permit.


An employee will only be issued one permit (not multiple permits for multiple vehicles). The employee is responsible for ensuring the permit is displayed properly in any vehicle they park in a state-controlled lot. The employee is also responsible for renewing their permit in December of each year.

Permits are good for the calendar year in which they are issued and all permits expire on December 31 of each year. You may obtain a new permit for the next year starting on December 1 of each year.

Parking permits can be obtained on line -- or by contacting the Security Office at 828-6974.

Legislative Session:

  • Day Use Permits

A day use permit is available in advance on-line by going to News & Links or from a parking attendant located on the east and west sides of the State House, for those who have business in the Montpelier Capitol Complex.

  • Temporary Permits

Temporary permits can be issued for Agency Secretaries, Commissioners and/or State Employee.s from out of town. Temporary permits are issued for a specific period of time that is less than one year.

  • Reserved Parking

Some spaces will continue to be reserved at the direction of the Commissioner of Buildings & General Services. Those vehicles must also display a BGS parking permit.

  • State Vehicles

State vehicles that display a State of Vermont license plate are not required to display a BGS permit.

  • Overnight Parking

Any vehicle parking overnight for an extended period of time must: (1) park in the DET parking lot, and (2) display a BGS parking permit.

  • Signage

Signs indicating that parking is by permit only and that violators are subject to towing - will be placed and maintained at the entrance to parking areas in the Capitol Complex.

Please note: With few exceptions - reserved parking spaces and Legislator parking - a BGS permit does not guarantee a parking space within a specific area, but only the right to park in a controlled lot on a space-available basis. Overflow parking is available in the DOL (Department of Labor) parking lot.

Department Approval:  R. Tasha Wallis, Commissioner

Agency Approval Required:  Charles P. Smith, Secretary