Cleaning Guidance for State Employees

Revised April 23, 2021Order Cleaning Products

Please review the information on this page before ordering cleaning products from the Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS). You may also return to the COVID-19 Resource Page or contact BGS if you have questions.

In accordance with Vermont's COVID-19 health and safety requirements, all common spaces and equipment, including bathrooms, frequently touched surfaces and doors, tools and equipment, and vehicles must be cleaned regularly and, when possible, prior to transfer from one person to another, in accordance with guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We recommend reviewing How COVID-19 Spreads [CDC website]. 

  • The Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS) is responsible for disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in common areas and cleaning bathrooms.
  • Agencies and departments are responsible for cleaning personal workspaces, shared workspaces, tools, and equipment.
  • BGS will supply agencies and departments with cleaning products to support their in-person operations in State facilities.  

Cleaning is a process that removes germs, dirt, and debris from surfaces or objects. Cleaning is recommended for personal workspaces, common areas and bathrooms.

Disinfection is a process that kills germs on surfaces or objects using chemicals that have been tested and approved for this purpose. 

Cleaning products and disinfectants serve different purposes, and it is important to choose the least hazardous cleaning product that will accomplish the task at hand. In general, disinfectants are more hazardous than cleaners.

Disinfection Guidelines

Disinfection is required only if confirmed or suspected COVID-19 exposure has occurred in a State facility within the past 24 hours. BGS performs regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces as part of our routine cleaning. After 3 days (72 hours) no disinfection is required; only routine cleaning.

BGS-approved disinfectants may be used by agencies and departments to disinfect shared workspaces, tools, equipment and vehicles. Please order only what you need. Contact BGS if you have questions.

If you must disinfect, be sure to clean first. Frequent, effective cleaning is key because viruses, bacteria, and fungi cling to dirt particles.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hazard Communication

PPE is not required when using the Seventh Generation cleaning products, alcohol wipes, or Oxivir TB disinfectant wipes to clean personal workspaces or disinfect shared tools, equipment, or vehicles. Refer to the product Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for more information:

Cleaners Disinfectants hand sanitizer

Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner

Safety Data Sheet: 
English | Español | Français

Diversey Oxivir TB Wipes

Safety Data Sheet:
English | Español | Français

Caledonia Spirits Distillery Barr Hill Hand Sanitizer 

80% ethyl alcohol

Safety Data Sheet

Seventh Generation Glass Surface Cleaner

Safety Data Sheet:
English | Español | Français

Alcohol Prep-Pads/Wipes

Safety Data Sheet


Proper handling and storage of cleaning and disinfecting products is essential to maintain a safe workplace. While BGS has selected cleaning and disinfection products that have few hazards, many cleaners and disinfectants can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches and other health problems.  Safety Data Sheets must be reviewed and made available to all employees who use the cleaning products. BGS recommends keeping a printed copy of each Safety Data Sheet in a common area and directing employees to review the electronic versions listed in the table above. BGS is providing containers labeled in accordance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. Review the product label prior to handling or using a chemical. Follow all label instructions and manufacturer recommendations. 

Training and guidance on product use, storage, handling, or labeling of any cleaning product or disinfectant can be provided by BGS upon request. Send requests to


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