Information on Space and Move Requests

In an effort to improve service to our customers, Property Management will handle all Equipment/ Furniture Moves and Space Requests.  In order to give more opportunity for consolidation and getting you the best price, we ask you give us at least 5 business day prior to desired move date.

  • Employees in State owned buildings please see your designated appointed authority with access to Maintenance Connections to submit a space or move request
  • Employees in leased buildings please fill out one of the forms below
    • Move Request Form (For use when moving equipment and furniture within space that your department already occupies – i.e. to move an employee from one office to another)

    • Space Request Form (For use when your department requires additional space, desires to move to a different location, or when an internal move will require construction or fit-up)

Please Note: All moving costs (including fit-up) will be billed to your department.  You must obtain departmental authorization for these costs PRIOR to submitting the request.


Once you have received approval from your department, please use the links below to access the forms.  Fill in ALL of the information (including the name of the person who authorized the request) and click “submit”.  The form will be sent directly to Property Management and a copy will go to the coordinator identified on the form.

  • For Move Requests, BGS will schedule movers and contact you with the move date and time.
  • For Space Requests, Property Management will explore options and contact you to determine how to proceed.  Our first priority will be to accommodate your needs within state-owned space.  If that isn't possible, we can either look for space to rent or keep the request on hold until suitable state-owned space becomes available. 

If you have any questions please contact Richard Kehne.

Moving List

Box items

  • Box as much as you can, especially loose items i.e. book cases. This will make the move go faster.
  • Have everything ready to go the evening before the move day

Move number

  • Everyone will be assigned a move number
  • That number will be posted on your new workstation
  • The number will also go on all your boxes, belongings, and chair
  • Mark the sides of the box as well as the top. (not as important in a small move)


  • Vertical Filing Cabinets can have the bottom 3 drawers remain full, all other drawers will need to be emptied. Lateral Files will need to be emptied. We need to label them and let the movers know where they go.


  • We need one coordinator to direct movers. If possible keep personnel away from movers. The movers work more efficient if people are out of their way. BGS will assist in a furniture layout design to avoid staff having movers re-arrange furniture in the new location.

Personal items

  • Personal items are posters, pictures, plants, nik-naks, etc.
  • Movers will not move personal items and are not responsible for damage to personal items in the way. Please make sure they are out of the way prior to the move.


  • If movers are to move computers, copiers, and printers they need to be disconnected and ready to move.

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