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Administrative Policies - Policy 0023

State of Vermont
Agency of Administration
Department of Buildings & General Services

Policy 0023

Title: The State of Vermont official State Employee Identification Card
Date of Issue: April 28, 2017
Supersedes: Policy dated September 12, 2002


Valid state identification cards for full-time employees, part-time employees, members of boards, commissions and contractors shall be visible always while inside a state office building.

All state identification cards must be obtained through the Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS), Security Office. 


Title 29 V.S.A. Chapter 5A.


An identification system is one part of a credible public facility security system. This policy is meant to provide direction and clarification on the issuance and handling of state employee identification card which may serve a dual function of allowing access to buildings or areas that are equipped with a card reader system.


Appointing Authority: The Agency Secretary, Department Commissioner, Board Chairperson, Council Chairperson and/or his or her designee. Designees must be appointed in writing and provided to the BGS Security Office.

Commissioner: Commissioner of BGS

Cardholder: Employees, contractors, volunteers, members of boards and commissions or visitors.

Employee: All classified employees, as well as exempt, appointed, and temporary employees within the Executive Branch of the State of Vermont.

Application for State Identification Cards:

The new employee must complete a State Identification Badge Request Form. Forms are available online at the BGS Security's Forms and Publications Webpage.  Once the form has been completed, the new employee will email the form to their department or division’s appointing authority. Once approved and electronically signed by the appointing authority, the completed form shall be submitted electronically to the BGS Security Office by clicking on the “Submit by Email” button.  






The Identification Card will:

Include a photograph of the cardholder, the cardholder's department or other affiliation with the state, an identification symbol designated by the Commissioner (e.g. V for visitor, C for a 30-day contractor) the employee or other identification number, and the authorized signature of the BGS Commissioner.

State identification cards for volunteers, contractors and visitors shall bear, at a minimum: The signature of the commissioner and the cardholder's name and an identification number.

State identification cards will be valid for up to 5 years. Once the expiration date is reached, a new badge request form must be submitted accompanied by a new, updated photograph.


The appointing authority will submit a current photograph with the new badge request form. Employees are encouraged to take photos for new badges at the employee’s work location, using a smartphone or digital camera.

The photograph should be taken in front of a solid, light-colored background with a view of the employee from the waist up. The photograph should be attached to the email with the badge request form.  Please be sure that the employee's name is in the subject line. 

All photos are subject to BGS Security approval before printing. 

Access Authorization

The State of Vermont has implemented a card access system allowing access to state facilities. The state identification card will serve the dual function of allowing access to designated areas of state facilities through a card reader system.

Access is determined by the employee’s director, facilitator, or department supervisor and approved by the appointing authority or authorized designee. Additional access can be granted after the card has been issued when the employee’s supervisor submits an “Additional Access Badge” request form.  Forms can be obtained from the BGS Office of Security website at:…

Delivery and Recordkeeping

Once a state identification card has been produced by the BGS Security Office, the card will be delivered to the requesting appointing authority. A copy of the processed and signed “State Identification Card Request” form remains on file at the BGS Security Office.  A copy of the completed form may be requested by the appointing authority to be filed in the employee’s personnel file.


There is no cost for state identification cards.

Return or Deactivation of Cards

The Commissioner of BGS reserves the right to deactivate any or all state identification cards at any time in the interest of workplace security or public safety.

Visitors shall return identification cards prior to leaving a state facility.

The appointing authority and/or designee shall immediately notify BGS Security when one of the following circumstances occurs:





Any Cardholder:  Any threatened act or act of violence that reasonably poses an imminent risk to the safety of state employees or the public
State Employees:  Separation of employment
Board/Commissioner Members:  Completion, resignation, withdrawal or termination of services
Contractors:  Completion, termination, or expiration of the contract
Volunteers:  Completion or termination of volunteer services

Cards shall be immediately returned to the BGS Security Office by the cardholder’s department/organization under any of the above circumstances. Cards that do not automatically expire shall be deactivated by BGS Security upon any of these circumstances, whether or not a cardholder returns his or her card.

Department Approval:  Chris Cole, Commissioner

Agency Approval Required:  Susanne Young, Secretary