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Environmental Investigation & Remediation Planning

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Contractors shall not solicit work from State entities. Contractors must wait to be contacted by an Agency/Department needing services performed.

List of Contractors by Service Category & Maintenance District:
Environmental Investigation & Remediation Planning
Contract Supplier PCBs** Contact   Expiration
42609 ATC Group Services LLC
(d/b/a Atlas Technical)
YES Joe Hayes 802.862.1980 09/09/2025
42610 Dubois & King Inc YES Johnathan Ashley 802.465.8396 ext. 4810 09/09/2025
42611 Fuss and O’Neill Inc. YES Joshua Robinson 802.698.0370 ext. 4567 09/09/2025
42613 GZA Geoenvironmental Inc. YES James Wieck 603.493.2874 09/09/2025
47775 John Turner Consulting DBA Harper Environmental YES Craig Sterritt 802.353.4277 09/09/2025
42582 Lincoln Applied Geology Inc. YES Beth Erickson 802.453.4384 09/09/2025
42618 Otter Creek Engineering Inc. -- William Norland 802.382.8522 ext. 204 09/09/2023
42615 Stone Environmental Inc. YES Daniel Voisin 802.229.1875 09/09/2025
42614 Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. (d/b/a VHB) YES Kurt Muller 802.778.1278 09/09/2025

**PCBs: Contractor has indicated ("Yes") they perform sampling and testing of building materials and/or indoor air for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). 

This process is not intended for larger projects.  Not to exceed project amounts are specified within the Retainer Contracts listed below.  Project amounts exceeding the limit shall require a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) process.

Additionally, during the period between formal list revisions, Contractors may request review and inclusion on the pre-qualified retainer list at least every two (2) years.

All Contractors determined qualified, and who so request it, will be included on the pre-qualified list.

SOW-RFP & SOW Agreement Templates: Click here

To view a Contract, click on the Contract number. If you need additional information, contact James Meyers,
State Senior Purchasing Agent - 802.249.7275.

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