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Office of Purchasing and Contracting

Phishing Alert


We have been informed that an existing supplier to the State received an email that appeared to be from, but was not from, the State, asking the supplier to “validate” bank account information. Please be careful to avoid possible ‘phishing’ attempts of this nature. Never provide any confidential information like bank account or taxpayer identification information unless you first verify the validity of the request through a trusted State contact.

Welcome to the Office of Purchasing and Contracting (OPC)

The Office of Purchasing and Contracting (OPC) oversees purchasing and contracting for the State of Vermont via the management of policies and compliance requirements of statutes and applicable administrative bulletins.


Support State Government by providing exceptional products and services to effectively meet customer requirements.


We are recognized by our customer as providing leadership, support and services for innovative, responsive and accountable public purchasing.

Strategic Direction:

Goal 1:  Deliver timely services, technical assistance, through engagement and collaboration.

Goal 2:  Endorse and promote immediate and long-term strategies in education and outreach to both
                  internal and external customers.

Goal 3:  Engage and influence participation in state processes by promoting transparency and
                  awareness/availability of on-line resources for conducting business with the State.

Office of Purchasing and Contracting
133 State Street, 5th Floor
Montpelier, Vermont 05633-8000
Phone: 802.828.2211
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