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Equipment Maintenance Insurance

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Effective November 1, 2013, The Remi Group - Contract# 36098 is the first choice for Equipment Maintenance Insurance.  For a complete overview of the directive please download the Equipment Maintenance Insurance Memorandum issued by Secretary Spaulding dated October 16, 2013.

Equipment shall be added to the program on an ongoing basis as existing contracts expire or are amended.

What does the change in process mean for state agencies and departments:

  1. For agencies already utilizing The REMI Group - Contract# 36098, for their equipment maintenance insurance, continue to do so, no change required. 
    • Service calls will continue to be funneled through the REMI Service Center.
  2. For all other equipment maintenance insurance  in which existing contracts must be renewed and/or quotes must be obtained:
    1. Requirements must be submitted to the Office of Hackett VAline & MacDonald (HVM).
      • Provide copies of proposed agreements and/or copies of quotes to the Point of Contact at HVM is Michael T. Walsh. Please use email when coordinating possible new requirements.
  3. Requirements will be reviewed by HVM and a decision rendered (product can be serviced, cost of service, reduction in cost from previous service agreement, etc.) within 24 hours of submission.  HVM will provide a written response, indicating whether the requirements are eligible, service rate quote if applicable, via return email with a copy also going to the Office of Purchasing & Contracting.
  4. The requirements are eligible for the REMI Group program, and the REMI Group meets 25% savings over the current manufacturer’s maintenance agreement, the contract will be shifted to the REMI Group program.
  5. If the REMI Group is not appropriate, and/or the savings do not reach the 25%, then other vendors may be considered.
  6. Remi - Equipment Maintenance Insurance - FAQs 

If you have any questions please email Michael Kennedy, at the Office of Purchasing and Contracting (OPC) or call 802.249.5058