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Print Procurement

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Effective March 1, 2012, Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI) and the Buidlings & General Services (BGS) Print Shop are to be the first choice for all printing projects that involve digital or offset requirements.  For a complete overview of the directive & information see the following:

What does mean for State Agencies & Departments:

For Agencies & Departments already utilizing Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI) and the BGS Print Shop for their print requirements, continue to do so, no change required. 

BGS Print Shop -  offers the following services & more:
  •   Bookletts
  •   Trifolds
  •   Newsletter
  •   NCR (No Carbon Required) Forms
  •   Poster printing, lamination and mounting
  •   Numbering -- done electronically for optimal print quality
  •   Mailing
  •   File merge of mailing addresses or other variable data

  Other services offered include:
    •   On site consultation with staff on how to produce print and/or mail products in the most
          cost-effective manner
    •   On site education in setting up workstation to produce optimized print products
  Customized Copier System

  Work directly with BGS Print Shop to meet your print requirements. They can be reached at 802.828.2830 or email.

Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI) Print Shop - offers the following services & more:
  •   Business Cards
  •   Labels
  •   Envelopes
  •   Letterhead

Work directly with VCI Print Shop to meet your print requirements. They can be reached at 800.834.2268 or 802.334.8997 or email

Other print requirements on existing Contracts that must be renewed and/or competitive quotes must be obtained, one-off and/or non-contracted print jobs:
  1. Requirements must be submitted to the Office of Purchasing and Contracting (OPC) at which time the Office of Purchasing and Contracting ascertain whether the print job should be produced at VCI and/or the BGS Print Shop.
  2. Analysis will include VCI and/or BGS Print Shop capabilities, and ensuring that paper consumption, paper costs and manufacturing costs are competitive.  
  3. If OPC determines that VCI and/or the BGS Print Shop can do the work and do so at the same or lower cost than an outside Supplier, the work will be shifted to in-house print shops.  The timeframe for making such a determination is 48 hours (excluding weekends and state holidays).
  4. If the OPC determines neither the BGS Print Shop nor VCI is appropriate, then the project
       •   OPC will receive authorization to procure the requested requirements
       •   Bid out by the OPC at which time the requesting Agency/Department will be  requested  to
             submit a purchase requisition to expedite the solicitation process.  

If you have any questions, contact  - Pete DeVerna 802-249-1654 or email.