State Safety & Security

Main Office

6 Baldwin Street, Room 312
Montpelier, Vermont 05633-2101
(802) 828-6974

Emergency Contact Information
24/7 Statewide Security Phone Number: (802) 828-0777

** NOTE:  The State Safety & Security Office is transitioning to a new Security and Safety Incident Reporting (SSIR) system. If you have any issues accessing the forms reach out to 802-828-0777.

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William McSalis

(802) 505-0205

24/7 Duty Security Officer 
(802) 828-0777

Kristen LaJeunesse

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
(802) 272-3438

Marjorie Klark

Security Systems Supervisor

James O. Brigham, Jr

Threat Mitigation Specialist
(802) 760-9738

Strategic Direction

Our office in cooperation with all state organizations and their employees will work toward providing a safe and secure environment to work.

Guidelines to Develop Emergency Procedures: Plans, Roles, Training, and Drills

Emergency Procedures Plan - To view the most up to date State Office Building EPPs, please visit our SOV-EPP SharePoint site (for state employees only).

Mission Statement
Our mission is to develop, coordinate, implement, and evaluate safety and security programs, in cooperation with all state organizations, in support of the State’s efforts to ensure and maintain a safe and secure environment for all employees and visitors.

Contact Us

Commissioner's Office
133 State Street, 5th Floor
Montpelier, VT 05633-5801
(802) 828-3519
24/7 Statewide Security Phone
(802) 828-0777
24/7 Statewide Security Pager
(802) 240-0068

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