Emergency Preparedness Planning

In accordance with 29 V.S.A. (Vermont Statues Annotated) §§ 171; Responsibility for Security:

“(a) The Commissioner of Buildings and General Services shall be responsible for ensuring the security of all State facilities, …the lands upon which those facilities are located, and the occupants of those facilities and places…”

“(b) The Commissioner of Buildings and General Services shall develop a security plan for each facility, except for those under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and of the Sergeant at Arms, and shall regularly update these plans as necessary and be responsible for coordinating responses to all security needs…”

The Department of Buildings and General Services has tasked the State Safety & Security Office to:

1. Provide leadership in coordination with agencies and departments to develop all State Security plans, policies, and protocols, update plans as necessary, and coordinate responses to all security needs.

2. Serve as the single point of contact for all State Agencies and Departments to receive reports of threats to the safety or security of State personnel and facilities, assess threats, determine appropriate protective measures, and coordinate the implementation of protective measures.

3. Develop procedures and provide training for emergency drills at State buildings. Create and communicate a framework to establish and maintain a Building Safety Committee and an Emergency Procedures Plan (EPP) for each State office building. Provide training and guidance in the development of procedures to ensure the completion of training and participation in emergency drills by all State employees assigned to each State office building at leastannually.

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The following State Safety & Security trainings are available to help develop and maintain a building specific Emergency Procedures Plan (EPP).
  • Emergency Procedures Awareness - overview of the online training - what is an EPP, why/statue given to BGS Commissioner, authorities we’ve taken our guidance from, who are the ECMs and SWs, expectations of employees, ECMs, SWs, and Security, introduction to the new orange flips charts, and an overview of some of the annexes, specific emphasis on Bomb Threat response, lockdown situations, importance of sharing contact info, and a general understanding of what to expect during an event.
  • Active Shooter Awareness - Instructor led classes provide preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. Whether it is an attack by an individual person or by an international group of professionals intent on conveying a political message through violence, Option based tactics have become the accepted response, versus the traditional “lockdown only” approach.

  • Bomb Threat Preparedness - Bomb Threat Preparedness for ECMs is a presentation to help guide ECMs in their assessment and response to a bomb threat at their building.

  • Stop the Bleed - Stop the Bleed training is intended to encourage State employees to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives. This is not avilable virtually, but can be provided with COVID safety measures in person.

  • Emergency Coordinating Manager (ECM) and Safety Warden (SW) Training - specific training on roles and responsibilities before, during, and after an emergency.
  • EPP Development Workshop - one-on-one plan development with the ECM and SWs to finalize the EPP.
  • Tabletop Exercise - table-based discussion of various issues in response to a hypothetical, simulated emergency.

  • CPR/AED Training - Because a small fee ($6.70 per employee) for this course that will be back-charged to the employee's department, the department's business office approval is required prior to the training. Please call our office 802-828-5553 for more information and scheduling. This is not avilable virtually, but can be provided with COVID safety measures in person.

Once an EPP is complete and training has occured, we can conduct an Emergency Drill*.

Unannounced drills will not be conducted in BGS owned or leased buildings. Unannounced drills can cause panic and injury. Drills that are announced increase the participants knowledge and skills of how to respond in an emergency without elevating their anxiety or perceived safety. Building occupants should never have to question whether an alarm is real or a drill.

Please visit the new SOV Emergency Preparedness SharePoint site for more information about these trainings and all other emergency preparedness topics.


Other Resources

Emergency Procedures for the Individual State Employee, required online training in the Vermont Learning Management System (LMS). The training is also available on YouTube. 

Guidelines for Developing and Maintaining an Emergency Procedures Plan

Emergency Procedures - Revised 2020 flip chart that supercedes the 2013 yellow flip chart.

FRS Radio Standard Operating Procedures -Family Radio Service radios we recommend as part of the EPP Communication Plan

If you have questions or would like to know more about developing your facility's Emergency Procedures Plan, contact Kristen LaJeunesse for more information 802-272-3438.


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