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New Fuel Accounts:

New fuel requirements need to be processed through the Office of Purchasing & Contracting.  Requesting Agencies/Departments need to complete and submit the Fuel Requirements Form (see below).  OPC will work with the fuel provider to establish the new account for you.

New Fuel Requirements:

The Fuel Requirement Form is to be used by all State of Vermont Agencies and Departments that requiring any fuel purchases. It is very important that all of the requested information on the form be provided.
Once you have completed the form, you can fax, email or snail mail.

  • Fax it:     802.828.2222
  • Email:     Michael Carr
  • Snail mail:    Michael Carr
                               Office of Purchasing & Contracting (OPC)
                               109 State Street, 3rd Floor
                               Montpelier VT 05609-3001


Revised 05.24.2021

 Revised 10/22/2019


Fuel Information 2020-2021 - Contracts, Markups & Specifications

See Fuel & Heating Products section


 Information & descriptions of fuel types
Invoice Reconciliation:

It is the Contractor’s responsibility to provide a complete and accurate invoice but it is also the end user’s responsibility to verify that the State was invoiced for the correct contracted amount.  The Office of Purchasing and Contracting maintains the Online Pricing Calculation Page.

Should you identify an error with your invoice, please first work with the fuel provider for a remedy.  If there is an invoice overcharge and there is agreement between the department and provider about what the correct amount should be, you may request a corrected invoice or document the reason for the discrepancy and pay the agreed-to amount from the incorrect invoice. 

If there is an invoice overcharge, and an agreement between the department and provider cannot be reached, please call OPC (or email  including copies of applicable invoices) and we will work with the Contractor on your behalf.

If theres is an invoice undercharge, it is standard State practice to pay the lesser of the invoice price or the Contract price. Our primary objective is that departments pay the right price with adequate documentation.

The Office of Purchasing and Contracting will no longer be posting the OPIS Pricing (Weekly Rack Pricing) on this web site.

Please contact Michael Carr at Michael.Carr@vermont.gov or at 802.828.4658 with questions.


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