Information Technology Retainer Contracts


The Office of Purchasing & Contracting (OPC) has created master contracts with a number of vendors to enable state agencies to quickly and efficiently obtain a variety of IT consulting and technical services. We have vendors under contract to provide services across a variety of functional areas of IT services. OPC administers and maintains these Statewide Retainer Contracts, and the vendors have all agreed to the standard State terms and conditions.

This results in a two-step approach to procurement. The first step is selecting a group of vendors under a set of requirements or functional areas based upon their response to an RFP requesting those services. This step has been completed and led to creation of the master contracts mentioned above. The second step allows state agencies to solicit responses from those retainer vendors for a business need defined in a statement of work-request for proposals (SOW-RFP), and come to agreement by signing a Statement of Work Agreement. This process is not intended for projects that would result in contracts of more than $100,000. Such situations require the formal Request for Proposals (RFP) process. Therefore, the limit per engagement, i.e. per SOW Agreement, under this prequalification process is $100,000.


IT Service Categories authorized under the IT Retainer Contracts include the following:

Business Analyst & Project Management Services

Description: Service category to provide business analysis and project management services necessary to ensure technical projects successfully meet the objectives for which they were undertaken.  

Infrastructure (Physical/Virtual) Support Services                                                                                                                                                                             

Description:  Service category to provide technicians who are experts in all aspects of infrastructure design, setup, installation, diagnosis, repair and maintenance. Specialists have years of real-world experience working with a wide variety of physical/virtual infrastructure configurations. Individuals have experience working on enterprise class storage, blade and server technologies; inter connectivity, performance, failover, deployment and/or administering VMware product suite.  Services range from advance system administrative functions in a VMware environment to various complex blade and storage (SAN/ISCSI/etc.) to ongoing support of Citrix and Windows Server environments. Certifications and experience could also include VCP (VMware Certified Professional).

SharePoint Support, Services and Development

Description: Service category to provide a range of SharePoint support and/or development services. This could be anything from building custom sites using out-of-the-box features to full SDLC development of custom SharePoint business applications that will be installed in the State of Vermont SharePoint environment. This will also include assisting DII with maintaining, supporting, enhancing and/or modifying the Enterprise SharePoint Environment. Business units may need assistance with building an agency-wide intranet portal site or any subset thereof. Business units may also need assistance with process definition; requirements management (project planning, quality assurance, project tracking and oversight, organizational process focus). Business units will also need advice and guidance on SharePoint best practices, along with how to leverage and configure SharePoint technology to meet their specific business requirements.

Network Consulting and LAN/WLAN Support Services

Description: Service category to provide consultation for LAN/WLAN network Services; functional specifications, network design, network management, data conversion, interfaces, integration, network testing/QA, implementation, training, documentation, and maintenance including version control, support, and issue tracking.

Enterprise GIS Services

Description: Service category to provide services to integrate, store, edit, analyze, and display geographically-referenced information in a client/server or web-based environment.

Hardware/Software/Application Security Support

Description: Service category to provide strategies and solutions to defend hardware and software IT and telecommunications resources against adversaries such as viruses, worms and hackers for operating systems and applications, penetration testing and related IT security activities.

Strategic Planning Assistance

Description: Service category to provide assistance in developing long-range information technology plans, IT-enabled business plans, and program effectiveness measures related to proposed IT investments.

Independent Review

Description: Service category to provide the CIO an independent expert review of any recommendation for any information technology activity when its total cost is $1,000,000.00 or greater or when CIO requires one.

Enterprise Content Management

Description: Service to establish or maintain electronic document imaging, document management, document workflow, and associated technologies in the context of enterprise strategy, records management policies, and existing assets. The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) defines ECM as the technologies used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. The Vermont State Archives & Records Administration has oversight:

DBA/SQLDBA/Relational Database Support   

When responding with proposals to this category of service, please address your capabilities as they relate to items on the following list:

  • Support of Oracle Software
  • Upgrades
  • Complex Query
  • Understanding Database Rules
  • Metadata
  • Online Transactional (OLATP)
  • Online Analytical (OLAP)
  • Database Administration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Master Data Management

PeopleSoft Application / System Administration Support

When responding with proposals to this category of service, please address your capabilities as they relate to items on the following list:

  • PeopleSoft HR (HCM, North American Payroll, Benefits Admin, Time and Labor, Talent Acquisition, Candidate Gateway), Financials (GL, AR, AM, AP, Billing, Inventory, Purchasing)
  • System Support
  • Developer support
  • Application support
  • Peoplecode, SQR, Integration Broker, Applications Designer, App Engine
  • PeopleSoft on Linux
  • PeopleSoft 8.8, 9.1, 9.2
  • Upgrades

Agile Development Services

  • Category 1: Leadership and Cultural Change:  This category includes services related to coaching, mentoring, and training leaders to help organizations change their culture to become an Agile organization. This category includes a planning component.
  • Category 2: Training:  This category includes services related to training state employees to understand and apply Agile concepts and tools.
  • Category 3: Facilitating Agile Process Improvement: This category includes the implementation, deployment, measurement, and follow up to Agile process improvement efforts and events as well as project management and facilitation experience and approach. 

Retainer Contracts:

  • Archetype Consulting Inc., Contact: Christine Werneke, P: (802)522-6863, Contract 35131
  • Ardent Technologies, Contact: Vas Appalaneni, P: (937)312-1345, Contract 32071
  • Azavea, Contact: Robert Cheetham, P: (215)701-7713, Contract 36973
  • BerryDunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC, Contract 31995
  • Competitive Computing, Contact: Kevin Powers, P: (802)540-5202, F: (802)655-6681, Contract 37279
  • CherryRoad, Contract Pending
  • Ciber, Inc, Contact: Shelley Ressler, P: (717)610-0283, Contract 32104
  • CMA Consulting, Contact: Jon Barry, P: (518)783-9003, Contract 37280
  • CNC Consulting, Contact: Andy Charlery, P: (201)541-9121, Contract 32043
  • CSG Government Solutions, Contact: Dawn Boland, P: (518)779-2852, Contract 35129
  • Coeur Business Group Inc, Contact: Mark Peterson, P: (636)561-2455, Contract 32850
  • Fairfafx Data Systems Inc. Contact: Jason Morrison, P: (860)354-4472 ext. 108, Contract 32914
  • GCR, Inc, Contact: Contact: Greg Amato, P: ( 860 )559-6354, Contract 32073
  • Grant Thorton, LLP, Contract Pending
  • Information Resource Group, Contact: Harshdeep Bhasin P: (573)-632-6474, Contract 32121
  • Janus Software, Contact: Patricia Fisher , P: (203)-251-0200, Contract 37282
  • KnowledgeWave, Contact: Eric  Sokolowski, P: (802)-864-0456, Contract 31935
  • Mathtech, Inc., Contact: Steven Young, P: (609)-689-8520, Contract 31991                              
  • Mincar Consulting, Contact: Jen Mincar, P: (802)-363-0170, Contract 32053
  • Newgrange IT Consulting, Contact: Timothy King, P: (802)-626-1050,  Contract 37289
  • NuHarbor Security, Contact: Justin Fimlaid, P: (800)-917-5719, Contract: 31937
  • Object Technology Solutions, Inc, Contact: David Nash, P: (913)-345-9080, Contact: 32075 
  • Paul E. Garstki, JD d/b/a Paul Garstki Consulting, Contact: Paul Garstki, P: (802)-552-0129, Contract: 32139    
  • Presidio Networked Solutions, LLC, Contact: Kevin Fleurie, P: (781)-638-2291, Contract: 32115
  • RadGov, Inc., Contact: Ajay Kapoor, P: (954)-938-2800, Contract 31993             
  • Red River Computer Co., Contact: James Connal, P: (703)-880-9721, Contract 36597  
  • Renaissance Information Systems Inc, Contact: Alex Meyer, P: (802)355-8228, Contract 32049 
  • Rioch: Contract Pending           
  • Rolta Advizex, Contact: Craig Jacobson, P: (603)735-7285, Contract 32028
  • Shred This Inc. DBA Securshred, Contact:David Van Mullen, P: 802.863.3003 x104, Contract 36898
  • Stone Envionmental, Inc, Contact: David Healy,  P: ( 802)-229-1879, Contract 32012         
  •  Strategic Technology Services, Inc, Contact: David Gadway, P: ( 802)363-7414, Contract 32066
  • Symquest Group, Inc, Contact:__________         P: (  ), Contract 36974
  • Tallan, Contract 36975
  • The Druckman Company, Contact: Morgan Druckman, P: (425)359-5455, Contract 32050     
  • Twinstate/Voice.Data.Video, Inc, Contract: Dawn Jeneau, P: (518)563-7100, Contract 32114
  • Tilson Technology Management, Inc, Contact: Jay Ford, P: (207)358-7403, Contract 32113
  • Trillium Solutions, Inc. Contact: Thomas Craig, P:(503)567-8422 ext. 4, Contract 33921
  • Waterbury Center LLC dba Vermont Panurgy, Inc., Contact: Eric Herbert, P: (802)859-9407, Contract 33228
  • WTB & Assoc. Contract 33918
  • Versatile Communications, Contact: Mary Beth Jokela, P: (508)597-2815, Contract 32122          
  • Viva, Contract: ____________________, P:______________________, Contract 33881          
  •  West Lake Consulting, Inc, Contact: Owen Mangan, P: (508)259-9383, Contract 32001
  • Windsor Solutions, Contact: Craig Austin, P: (503)675-7833, Contract 31939                                     


Any state agency or department may draft a SOW-RFP for their project under $100K.
Once finalized, the SOW-RFP shall be e-mailed by the Contracting Agency to all vendors in the category that fits the project.
Vendors respond with proposals, and come to agreement with the State by signing a SOW Agreement.
OPC shall maintain oversight and manage the statewide retainer contracts. DII shall have oversight responsibility of project types, but the projects performed under these contracts are the responsibility of the agency or department that executes them.
The type or number of contracts will vary over time. The intent is to requalify/prequalify vendors every two years.
Departments and agencies should contact OPC if there is a specific functional area or category of work that is not covered by the vendors in the pool.
The Contracting Agency shall provide OPC and the Department of Information and Innovation (DII) with a copy of the SOW Agreement, once it has been executed, via email to:


Vendors must wait to be contacted by an agency or department that needs some work. The vendor must NOT solicit work from state entities.
Vendors should respond to SOW-RFPs via e-mail in accordance with the instructions in the SOW-RFP and the terms of the contract they originally signed to become a prequalified vendor.
Vendor shall submit quarterly reports to OPC and DII via email to:

Failure to report on a quarterly basis to OPC can result in the State canceling this Statewide Retainer Contract and any SOW Agreements in place.


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