Information Technology Retainer Contracts

The Office of Purchasing & Contracting (OPC) has created master Contracts with a number of Vendors to enable State Agencies/Departments to quickly and efficiently obtain a variety of Iinformation Technology Consulting and Technical services.

We have Vendors under Contract to provide services across a variety of functional areas of IT services. OPC administers and maintains these Statewide Retainer Contracts, and the Vendors have all agreed to the standard State's Terms and Conditions.

This results in a two-step approach to procurement. The first step is selecting a group of Vendors under a set of requirements or functional areas based upon their response to an Request for Proposal (RFP) requesting those services. This step has been completed and led to creation of the Master Contracts mentioned above.

The second step allows the Agency of Digital Services (ADS) on behalf of State Agencies/Departments to solicit responses from those Retainer Vendors for a business need defined in a Statement of Work-Request for Proposals (SOW-RFP), and come to agreement by signing a Statement of Work (SOW) Agreement.

This process is not intended for projects that would result in SOW Agreements of more than $100,000/$500,000.

Although the limit per engagement, i.e. per SOW Agreement, under this prequalification process is $500,000, some IT Retainer Contracts have a per engagement limit of $100,000. 

The IT Retainer Contract spreadsheet listed below identifies the maximum SOW Agreement limit for each contracted Vendor.

SOW-RFP & SOW Agreement Templates:

See here - How to obtain Retainer Services.

Current Categories

How to obtain Services from an IT Retainer Vendor:

When an Agency/Department has a need for services, they will prepare a SOW-RFP. The SOW-RFP will be issued to all pre-qualified Vendors within the service category identified. Those prequalified Vendors may then submit bids within the date and time established by the SOW-RFP.

Following proposal evaluation, the Agency/Department may enter into a SOW Agreement with the selected Vendor in the best interest of the State.

Statement of Work - Request for Proposal (SOW-RFP) Process:

  1. All SOW-RFPs shall be issued by the Agency of Digital Services (ADS) on behalf of an Agency/Department.  Vendors shall not respond to any SOW-RFP unless it has been issued by the ADS in accordance with this process.
  2. When an Agency/Deparment has a need for services in one or more of the service categories, the Agency/Departmnet will prepare and deliver a SOW-RFP to ADS SOV - IT Contracting & Procurement at ADS SOV - IT Contracting & Procurement shall solicit bids from all prequalified Vendors on the list found on the Iinforamtion Technology Retainer Contracts (see Current Categories).
  3. Vendors will then submit proposals within the date and time within the SOW-RFP established by ADS SOV - IT Contracting & Procurement.
  4. Following proposal evaluation, in the best interest of the State, and with prior approval from ADS, the Agency/Department may enter into a SOW Agreement with the selected Vendor. No SOW Agreement shall be considered valid unless approved in advance by ADS, and AGO certification if applicable, etc.
  5. The SOW Agreement will be administered by the Agency/Department with oversight by ADS.
  6. Any SOW project having an actual or anticipated cost greater than $500,000 may not be executed pursuant to these Master Agreements, and must instead follow a standard, formal RFP process, except in cases where the Agency/Department has first obtained a waiver from the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) authorizing the use of a Master Agreement.
  7. SOW-RFP & SOW Agreement Templates:

To view a Contract, click on the Contract number. If you need additional information,
contact Stephen Fazekas,
Technology Procurement Administrator - 802-828-2210.

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