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Administrative Policies - Policy 0021

State of Vermont
Agency of Administration
Department of Buildings & General Services

Policy 0021

Title: Use of State Buildings for Towers, Dishes, Antennas
Date of Issue: March 1, 2002
Supersedes: July 12, 2001


The Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS) supports the use of state facilities to locate wireless communications infrastructure. By using existing state structures we accomplish two goals. First, we limit the necessity to construct costly and sometimes unsightly towers to host this infrastructure and, second, we succeed in collocating users thereby limiting the proliferation of new sites.


BGS will work in partnership with wireless providers to ensure that reasonable attempts are made to accommodate the private sector's business needs and to further state policy. BGS is committed to an expeditious review of all requests to use a state facility and will share the results of its review both with the provider and the Tower Site Advisory Committee (TSAC).


There are a number of items that BGS must consider when making a recommendation as to the appropriateness of locating a wireless site at a state facility. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Aesthetics
  • Structural Capacity
  • Power load
  • Compatibility with other physical plant and state equipment
  • Compatibility with ongoing BGS maintenance needs
  • Access requirements of the private provider
  • Physical plant security


  • Upon a request by a private provider, through the Chief Information Officer (CIO), on behalf of the Secretary of Administration (SOA), to utilize a state facility, the provider will be directed to contact the Commissioner’s Office of BGS.
  • The Commissioner’s Office will, within two business days, assign the request to the Facilities Division who shall assign a staff person to work with the provider. Contact by BGS Facilities staff with the provider will occur within two business days. 
  • BGS and the provider will set a mutually convenient time to meet at the site. In anticipation of the meeting, the provider should provide to the BGS Facilities staff person whatever information they have about the potential use, equipment and power requirements, access needs etc. BGS may suggest additional information based on conversations between the parties.  

In the event that the private provider is unsure as to the exact application that they might employ, information concerning the various alternatives or ‘worst-case scenario’ should be presented.

  • BGS will conduct an analysis of the information and issue a recommendation within 30 days.
  1. If BGS finds that the installation is compatible with state facility rules, it will issue that recommendation to the SOA through the Chief Information Officer (CIO) who will then request the required materials outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual for wireless communication facilities.
  2. If BGS finds that the installation is not compatible with state facility rules, it will so inform the CIO, on behalf of the SOA.
  • The provider shall be responsible for all permitting associated with tower installation on State facilities.
  • The provider shall be responsible for all reasonable costs associated with installation in State facilities, including structural analysis, infrastructure, extensions, and any related ancillary costs necessary to accommodate tower requirements.
  • The provider shall not proceed with an installation until all permits have been received and BGS Facilities staff have approved final plans.
  • The provider shall be responsible for conditioning all tower installation work with BGS Facilities staff and assuring that all work is done in accordance with approved plans.
  • The tower shall not be put into operation until all aspects of the tower installation have been approved by BGS Facilities staff. 
  • Any lease, license, or approval will require a yearly inspection of the installation by BGS Facilities staff to assure compliance with the terms of the approval. The results of this inspection will be shared with the CIO, the Tower Site Advisory Committee (TSAC), and the provider.

Department Approval:  Thomas W. Torti, Commissioner

Agency Approval Required:  Kathleen C. Hoyt, Secretary