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Government Business Services

Deborah W. Ferrell, Manager
(802) 598-7167
133 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont

About Us

Government Business Services (GBS) houses a wide variety of support services vital to the efficient operation of state government. Inside the Government Business Services directorate you will find Fleet Management Services (FMS) and the Vermont Information Centers (VICD) network. We are also home to a full-feature Print Shop, the State’s Postal Center, and the Surplus Property program which administers both State Surplus and Federal Surplus programs.

Our Mission

To provide business services that support the mission of State government.

Fleet Management Services

To provide clean, well-maintained, safe, cost-effective transportation for employees while performing their official duties, and to reduce the environmental impact of state employee travel.

Coordinating Print and Postal Services

Working together, the Print Shop and Postal Center coordinate the printing, addressing, assembling (folding/stuffing), and mailing of documents in the most cost effective manner that will meet government’s needs.

Postal Center

Provide state government economical and convenient access to postal and courier services.

Print Shop

Provide economical and convenient access to printing and copier services.

Surplus Property

Facilitate the disposal of surplus goods from both State and Federal government sources in an environmentally responsible manner.

Vermont Information Centers Division

To provide travel information and a safety break to travelers. To serve as Vermont’s billboards – promoting the “Vermont Experience” by marketing Vermont businesses, attractions, and events to the traveling public.

Our Staff

These essential services which state and local government rely on every day are located in Middlesex (Print and Postal), in Waterbury (Surplus Property), and in multiple locations around the state (8 FMS locations and 19 VICD locations). Our qualified and dedicated staff of over 125 works together as a team to provide exceptional customer service and value. Just ask our customers.