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Surplus Property

Visit our online showroom

Surplus Property has recently launched a new website that showcases current store inventory. We have also added an Auctions and Bids tab to list current online auctions and bids. The site can be found by clicking the link above and selecting the Auctions and Bids tab. 

The Surplus Property showroom is located at 434 US Route 2 in Waterbury. Our warehouse is open for sales to the public from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Monday – Friday.  The warehouse is closed for all State holidays.

Each surplus program (State and Federal) has distinct eligibility requirements. Click the buttons to the left to view each program's guidelines and a list of items typically available. 



E-cycling Collection Site (collection available during Surplus business hours):

The Surplus Property Warehouse is an e-cycling collection site. Vermont households, charity (501c3), public school districts, and businesses with 10 or fewer employees can drop off seven or fewer covered devices for free. All other electronics can be recycled for $0.50/lb. Additional information about the State of Vermont's E-Cycling program can be found at Vermont E-Cycles

Covered Devices:

  • Computers (such as desktops, all-in-one computers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and tablets)
  • Computer monitors (any type - i.e. Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs), flat panel displays, LCD displays, plasma
  • Printers (most types including multifunctional machines - does not include floor-standing models)
  • Televisions (any type - e.g., CRTs, flat panel displays, LCD displays, and plasma displays)
  • Computer Peripherals (items sold exclusively for external use that connects to a computer, such as a
    mouse, keyboard, scanner, or external hard drive)

Example of Non-Covered Items:  VCRs, DVD Players, Digital Converter Boxes, Game Consoles, Telephones, Fax Machines, Answering Machine, Personal Electronics, Stereo Equipment, Radios, Portable Music Players, Power Supply Cords

Excluded Items: Appliances (stove, microwave, deep fryer, etc.), Air Conditioners, Items that contain Hazardous Waste



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Invoice Questions

  • Questions about your Surplus Property invoices should be directed to our general inbox or by calling (802) 241-3384.