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VTBuys - Frequently Asked Questions

VTBuys – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Vermont Office of Purchasing and Contracting (OPC)

What is VTBuys?

VTBuys is the State of Vermont’s online platform for sourcing (competitive solicitations), contracting, Supplier management, and procurement activities. It will be used by all Agencies, Departments, and Suppliers selling to the State.


What is the VTBuys Project?

The VTBuys project is the initiative to implement the Ivalua eProcurement system to support all aspect of State procurement activities.


What is Ivalua?

Ivalua is an integrated cloud-based software platform that covers the entire Procurement value chain, including the Supplier registration/management, sourcing, contract creation/management, requisition-to-pay, reporting and spend analytics. Ivalua’s software suite is one of the leading cloud-based eProcurement software products for state and local government agencies in the United States.


Who is sponsoring the change to this new platform?

The Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS) is sponsoring and leading this initiative.


Why is the State doing this?

The State is seeking to gain efficiencies and improve the State end-user and Supplier experiences throughout the State’s procurement, contracting, and purchasing processes. The current system is a complex, paper-based environment that is not optimal. The State is also looking to gain more comprehensive insight and analytics into spend across all areas of the State. The VTBuys solution will integrate with State financial systems and create a public interface allowing Suppliers to directly interact with the State on procurement activities.


Why is the State doing this now?

Deploying this eProcurement solution now is value-focused and aligned with the State’s strategic priorities. Modernizing our procurement system and processes will enable the State and its Suppliers to benefit from modern technologies that will improve overall efficiency, transparency, and economies of scale.


Why is this important?

VTBuys will make it easier to do business with the state. VTBuys aims to:

  • Promote a business-friendly environment.
  • Modernize procurement with built-in compliance and guided workflow.
  • Empower Suppliers with ‘self-service’ capabilities to interact with all aspects of State procurement.
  • Be value-focused through improved efficiency, transparency, and economies of scale.


What are the benefits for State Agency/Department end-users?

There are many benefits for State Agencies and Departments including:

  • Shortened / compressed cycle times by streamlining and standardizing the current manual, paper-based procurement, contracting, and purchasing processes and practices, while maintaining flexibility to meet unique needs of each Agency/Department.
  • Elimination of redundant and obsolete systems.
  • Reduction of information re-entry (i.e., typing it into multiple systems) to minimize errors, re-work, and duplication of effort.
  • More effective means to collaborate on procurements within and across Agencies and Departments.
  • Consistent procurement practices, methods, and outcomes through use of standards, templates, and a common set of automated tools.
  • Reduced number of duplicative sources for procurement rules, policies, information, and documents.
  • Increased security and control of State procurement data and documents by reducing physical and electronic storage locations.
  • Improved accountability and auditability of all procurement actions.
  • Improved control over spending under management, including the ability to track and report contract price compliance and invoicing errors.
  • Better access to the selection of the best and most appropriate pricing through comparisons across State contracts.
  • Broader Supplier diversity through increased access and opportunities for the small business community.


What are the benefits for Suppliers who do business with the State?

There are many benefits for Suppliers who do business with the State, including but not limited to:

  • One stop for procurement activities with the state: every aspect of your interaction with the State will be electronic and available via a Supplier Portal. You can view bid opportunities, submit your bid, upload documents, view contract awards, dashboard reporting on spend and performance evaluation, submit invoices and access invoice approval progress, all in one place.
  • Standardized interaction with State/Non-State Entities for Procurement activities.
  • General contractors can search within the VTBuys for suppliers to be subcontractors, and potential subcontractors could also search for general contractors.
  • Access to new potential clients: VTBuys will be used by the State and some Non-State Entities for all State procurement activities.
  • Easier way to receive orders and submit invoices regardless of the process or method of procurement. 
  • Increased transparency in the procurement process (what was bought, by whom, at what price, etc.).
  • Ability to create or submit W9s electronically.
  • Ability to self-manage ACH information online. 
  • Provides a self-service registration and account management functionalities that address requirements for both finance and procurement with automation to manage Supplier data in VISION, the State’s finance system.


What are the benefits for Vermonters?

There are many benefits for Vermonters in general, including but not limited to:

  • Increased transparency of SOV procurements through public access and visibility into State purchases (what was bought, by who, at what price, etc.).
  • Increased Supplier participation and competitiveness that enable the SOV to find the best possible product at the best value-point.
  • Improved ability for the SOV to track and evaluate Supplier performance and aggregate State demand to negotiate and drive down contract pricing.


Will there be technology changes?

Yes. VTBuys will replace the Think Vermont System or Electronic Bid Board (EBB) currently used by SOV and Political Subdivisions for posting notices or solicitation opportunities. It is a technology solution that will help standardize procurement processes and the online shopping experience with catalog items linked to State contracts. The system has a robust rules engine with built-in compliance for purchasing and enhanced spend analytics capabilities. Historical data will be migrated from existing platforms. Integrations with other systems like VISION (State’s Financial System), STARS (VTRAN’s Financial System) will make important procurement data transfer across the SOV more seamless.


Who will be impacted by VTBuys?

  • Requestors of goods and services.
  • Procurement professionals.
  • Project Managers (supervising contracts).
  • Receivers of goods and services.
  • Finance professionals.
  • Suppliers of goods and services.


Will there be business process changes?

Yes. Standardized processes and foundational elements are being established as the basis for the VTBuys platform. Increased efficiency will be gained through reengineering, modernizing, and standardizing procurement practices. Process reengineering will entail a single point of access for Agencies and Suppliers with a fully electronic workflow from sourcing to payment.



Will training be provided?

Yes. Training and support will be available for State end-users and suppliers as the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase commences and the deployments proceed. There will also be training, communication and issue resolution support after the system is live and in use.


How can I help?

There are several ways you can help. You can support this project by asking questions, providing your input, and staying focused and engaged. You will receive more information as we move forward with the deployment.


When will we know more?

Information will be made available periodically over the course of the next few months as the implementation progresses. Communications will be updated on the website, through Q&A sessions, and via other means.


Where can I find more information about VTBuys?

You can get updates about the VTBuys project at VTBuys – Read the latest updates!

or Join our Newsletter!   or you can submit your questions and feedback to the VTBuys mailbox at