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Administrative Policies - Policy 0010

State of Vermont
Agency of Administration
Department of Buildings & General Services

Policy 0010

Title: Parking Regulations in State Owned Parking Lots
Date of Issue: April 21, 1999
Supersedes: Initial Policy


Title 29, Section 153 states that "The Commissioner of Buildings and General Services may from time to time make, amend, revise or repeal parking rules for the use of land or structures either owned or leased by the state and which are under his jurisdiction and control." These rules are set forth to best serve the public function at all state parking lots under the Commissioner’s jurisdiction.


  1. "State Parking Lot" shall mean any paved or unpaved parcel of land, so designated, lot or structure owned or rented by the State of Vermont and under the control and/or jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Buildings and General Services, or that part of a leased building and its adjacent spaces as may be under the control and jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Buildings and General Services by executive or other order of the administration.
  2. "Operator" shall mean and include every individual who shall operate any vehicle on a state parking lot either as the owner or as the agent, employee, or permittee of the owner or otherwise, and shall include those department heads where so-called "pool cars" are available for use by departmental members.


  1. The parking of any vehicle, private or state-owned, in any parking lot shall be within lanes whenever same are established by painted stripes or otherwise and shall conform to any and all other directions posted on the site.
  2. Parking in all areas shall be in such a manner as to provide ample room for ingress to and egress from the area to all other vehicular traffic.
  3. Parking at loading docks and platforms shall be restricted to commercial and other service vehicles while in the process of loading or unloading state commodities.
  4. All persons utilizing state parking lots during times of winter weather shall give due consideration to such hazards as falling ice and snow and slippery ground conditions. Temporary directions, as may be occasioned by snow obstruction, snow removal or other winder conditions, and by maintenance and repair work, shall be complied with.
  5. Parking in state parking lots shall be limited to state-owned vehicles and to vehicles operated by state employees or by persons actively engaged in state activities. Overnight and weekend parking shall be limited to state-owned vehicles.
  6. In state-owned parking lots and structures under his jurisdiction, the Commissioner of Buildings and General Services may from time to time designate and assign specific areas to certain buildings, positions, or to certain departments or agencies, as the need may indicate.
  7. Use of state parking lots shall at all times be entirely at the risk of the owner or operator. The State of Vermont does not at any time or under any condition assume any responsibility for damage to or theft of any privately-owned vehicle in any state parking lot or for personal injury, from any cause whatsoever, to any person or persons utilizing a state parking lot.


Any vehicle improperly parked or in any other manner in violation of any part of these rules and regulations may be deemed by the Commissioner of Buildings and General Services or his authorized agents to be in violation of these regulations and subject to removal forthwith. The state shall not be responsible for any costs of other expense occasioned by such removal.

Department Approval:  Thomas W. Torti, Commissioner

Agency Approval Required:  Kathleen C. Hoyt, Secretary