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Administrative Policies - Policy 0011

State of Vermont
Agency of Administration
Department of Buildings & General Services

Policy 0011

Title: Towing Procedures
Date of Issue: September 19, 2001
Supersedes: Policy Date May 19th, 1999


Title 29, Section 153 states that "The commissioner of buildings and general services may from time to time make, amend, revise or repeal parking rules for the use of land or structures either owned or leased by the state and which are under his jurisdiction and control." This policy is intended to establish the circumstances in which improperly parked vehicles will be towed.


All vehicles in State parking lots and/or areas are expected to be parked in accordance with State Parking Rules (See Department Policy No. 0010). Vehicles may be towed which are not parked in accordance with those rules. By authority of the Commissioner, the District Facilities Manager (DFM) in each district shall enforce the parking regulations for the State of Vermont in State-owned or leased parking lots.


The DFM is responsible for ensuring that all vehicles are parked in conformance with Policy No. 0010.

For those vehicles which are in violation of the policy, the DFM shall:

  • Identify the vehicle,
  • Make honest effort to locate the owner, and
  • Request that the vehicle be moved

If the vehicle owner cannot be located or the vehicle is not moved after request

  • Contact the Commissioner’s Office for final approval prior to having the vehicle towed.
  • If approved, arrange for the vehicle to be towed at the owner’s expense
  • Notify local police that vehicle has been towed, identifying the vehicle, owner’s name, and where it has been towed.
  • Maintain a log of illegally parked and/or towed vehicles; incidents of repeated violations will be considered when dealing with subsequent offenses.

In certain situations, the vehicle could be towed without notice to the owner, following approval from the Commissioner’s Office. The following parking violations are examples of when this might occur:

  • Blocking a fire lane
  • Parked illegally in a handicapped space
  • Parked in a designated ambulance location


Montpelier, Barre
Jonathan Rutledge: 828-3312

St. Johnsbury, Newport
Alvin Simard:  535-4548

David Jennison: 760-9834

Burlington, St. Albans
Randy Smith:  922-3509

Bennington, Rutland, Brandon
John Hebert (acting) 279-3592

Windsor, Brattleboro, Springfield
Mike Kuban:  272-4295

Department Approval:  Thomas W. Torti, Commissioner

Agency Approval Required:  Kathleen C. Hoyt, Secretary