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Administrative Policies - Policy 0014

State of Vermont
Agency of Administration
Department of Buildings & General Services

Policy 0014

Title: Schlage Security Access Cards
Date of Issue: November 2, 1999
Supersedes: Initial Policy


The purpose of this policy is to clarify for State agencies and departments, whose employees utilize the Schlage Security Access Cards, the process to acquire cards and the expectations of those who use them. These cards are utilized to protect the property of the State and provide a secure working environment for employees. It is important that the possession of these card be closely monitored.


Any department or agency may authorize the Buildings & General Services Department (BGS) to issue a Schlage Security Access Card to allow their employee access to their assigned work area.

The number of access cards should be kept to a minimum to ensure that we can maintain a high quality of security when accessing buildings after hours.

The initial card for an employee is issued at a cost of $7.50 each. This is one-half of the actual cost of the card. Should the employee lose the card, subsequent cards will be issued at the full cost of $15.00.

When a card is no longer needed, it must be returned to the Department of Buildings & General Services.


  1. In order for an employee to be issued a Schlage Security Access Card, the department/agency must complete an Authorization Form designating a particular employee and building address.
  2. The cost of the card(s) is the responsibility of the requesting department/agency and should be paid with an interdepartmental transfer of funds when the initial and/or replacement cards are requested.
  3. When the card is no longer needed by the assigned employee, the card must be returned to BGS. The card must be accompanied by an Authorization Form, designating that a card is being returned.

Department Approval:  Thomas W. Torti, Commissioner

Agency Approval Required:  Kathleen C. Hoyt, Secretary