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Administrative Policies - Policy 0015

State of Vermont
Agency of Administration
Department of Buildings & General Services

Policy 0015

Title: Use of Pagers
Date of Issue: November 19, 1999
Supersedes: Initial Policy


The purpose of this policy is to clarify for employees of the Department of Buildings & General Services (BGS), who are assigned a pager (a/k/a beeper), the expectations regarding the use of them. These pagers are utilized to enhance communication that will better enable all employees to accomplish their assigned tasks.


A pager may be secured for an employee at his/her supervisor’s discretion.

The initial pager for any employee is issued at no cost to the employee. Acknowledging that accidents do happen, any damaged or lost pager will be replaced once at the Department’s cost. However, if there is any subsequent loss or damage to the pager, the replacement cost will be charged to the employee.

There will be no extra pay given to employees who carry a pager. The pager is provided to make it easier to reach the employee during the normal business day. Unless specifically assigned as part of their job duties, there is no expectation that staff who carry a pager will be available after hours.


  • In order for an employee to be issued a pager, the supervisor must send a signed memorandum to the Director of Maintenance indicating (1) the name of the employee to receive the pager and (2) the unit/division to pay for the charges.
  • The Director of Maintenance will order the pager and notify the Business Office of the new pager’s phone number, the employee using it, and what unit will pay the charges.
  • The costs of the pagers (s) are the responsibility of the authorizing division/unit and will be charge against that division/unit’s budget as invoices are received.
  • When the employee no longer needs the pager, for whatever reason, the pager must be returned to the Director of Maintenance.
  • The Director of Maintenance will notify the Business Office that the pager is no longer assigned to the employee/division.

Department Approval:  Thomas W. Torti, Commissioner

Agency Approval Required:  Kathleen C. Hoyt, Secretary