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Administrative Policies - Policy 0017

State of Vermont
Agency of Administration
Department of Buildings & General Services

Policy 0017

Title: State-Supplied Employee Clothing
Date of Issue: March 30, 2000
Supersedes: Initial Policy


The purpose of this policy is to assure that employees of the Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS) present a neat, clean, and professional appearance when at work. Additionally, this policy requires that employees, for whom work shirts, blazers, shoes, or other clothing items are provided, wear them while at work. Other policies may address related issues, such as the care, maintenance, and wearing of certain other safety equipment or devices.


Buildings and General Services employees who have been issued work-related clothing, shoes, etc. are required to wear them while at work.

To ensure a neat and professional appearance, clothing shall be kept properly laundered and/or maintained at all times by the employees.

Blazers provided by the Department will be dry cleaned semi-annually at State expense. More frequent dry cleaning may be authorized at supervisor’s discretion.

Employees reporting for work in non-conformance with this policy may be sent home to change, at no cost to the State, and/or may be subject to other adverse personnel or corrective action. Supervisors may grant paid release time to employees for the purpose of changing clothes that become too dirty or unserviceable due to the performance of job-related duties.


  • Employees are required to wear the work-related clothing, shoes, etc. that are provided for them.
  • Employees must keep these items properly laundered.
  • Employees who are issued blazers must have these dry cleaned at least semi-annually. The dry cleaning will be paid for by the State

Department Approval:  Thomas W. Torti, Commissioner

Agency Approval Required:  Kathleen C. Hoyt, Secretary