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Therapeutic Community Residence

MAINTENANCE STAFF:    Rick Butler    Cell: 377-7522

CENTRAL PLANT:    241-6547 (7:00am - 3:30pm)

HVAC/HEATING-COOLING:    Brad Austin    Cell: 760-9063

LOCKS/HARDWARE:    David Pike*    Cell: 249-9467     Pager: 742-9467

PLUMBING:    Craig Griffith    Cell: 279-7738                          

ELECTRICAL:     Josh Sayers*    Cell: 371-8938     Pager: 742-6748

SPRINKLER:     Mark Rippon    Cell: 249-1572       

CUSTODIAL SERVICES:     Ann Courchaine    Cell: 371-8347      

 * Indicates employees with pagers who should be given 20-30 minutes to respond to calls.

 Call these two people in order if no one else can be reached.

  1. Kevin Rogers, District Facilities Supervisor:    Cell: 224-6780
  2. Dave Jennison, District Facilities Manager:    Cell:  760-9834

If any Major emergency should occur at the Waterbury Complex, or you are not reaching anyone on this list, you should contact John Hebert, Director of Operations and Maintenance, at 802-479-5626, or his cell at 802-279-3592. Please remember, EMERGENCIES ONLY!