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Office Furniture

Several contracts have been issued to support on-going requirements for Office Furniture and Related Services based on a Request for Proposal (RFP) developed and led by the State of Utah of which Vermont participated in.  The solicitation resulted in competitive awards issued to numerous Suppliers.

These Contracts will cover a full range of Office Furniture needs of the state.

Office Furniture and Related Services Categories include the following:

Category A:  Office Seating and Accessories includes general purpose office chairs that are normally used in an office environment and may include but are not limited to those seating styles typically referred to as: conference/executive chairs, task chairs, side/guest chairs, nesting folding chairs, tablet armchairs and stools.

Category B:  Lounge and Public Seating and Accessories includes products with single seat units, units with multiple seating positions within one unit or ganged seating units, and folding chairs. Public and lounge seating may be ganged/connected. Seating in this category would normally be used in indoor common/shared spaces such as waiting, reception, visitor seating, restaurant and dining settings and other gathering areas. Seating units that must be attached to the building structure for support or stability purposes and general purpose or task-oriented office chairs are not included.

Category C:  Desk Tables, Related Products and Accessories include products intended for use in commercial office, institutional and training environments; including retail spaces and restaurants. Tables may be collapsible and/or stackable. Tables with attached seating are excluded.

Category D:  Panel Systems and Accessories include panel systems, screens, panel supported systems, and various hang on components.

Category E:  Storage and Accessories include freestanding, mobile, and wall mounted storage units and shelving, bookcases, filing cabinets, pedestal filing cabinets, wardrobes, and other similar functioning storage products.

Category F:  Architectural Products and Accessories include prefabricated walls, typically steel or aluminum frames with custom design solutions for a variety of applications.

Category G:  Design, Installation, Layout and Reconfiguration Services.The multi-state acquisition offers an unparalleled range of choices to help state and local governments improve efficiency, costs, and solutions, and delivery.

The Contract spreadsheet identifies all Contracts by Supplier as well as applicable awarded category(s).

Restrictions on Use

Available Products and Services.  All products, services and accessories listed on the Contractor’s NASPO ValuePoint Webpage may be purchased under the Contract, except for any restrictions or disallowed products and services set forth directly below:

1.   The State’s Department of Buildings and General Services shall require orders of $50,000.00 or greater be approved by the Division of Property Management prior to an order being placed for State Purchasers. (Additional Purchasers are not subject to this requirement). It is the responsibility of the State Purchaser to obtain approval from the Division of Property Management by submitting requests to prior to order placement. The Contractor agrees that it will not accept or fulfill orders placed on behalf of State Purchasers if approval is not received. Contractor’s failure to meet this requirement may result in suspension or termination of this Participating Addendum.

2.   For Panel Systems and Accessories (Category D) requirements unless the State is adding to an existing proprietary modular system already installed by the State, competitive bidding to all Category D awarded contractors is required for requirements of $100,000.00 or greater. (Additional Purchasers are not subject to this requirement).

3.   No Lease Agreements. Contractors are prohibited from leasing to State Purchasers under this Participating Addendum. Additional Purchasers are not subject to this prohibition and may negotiate lease agreements with Contractor if the terms of the Master Agreement permit leasing.

If you need additional information, contact the Deborah LaRose at or at 802-249-2817.