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The Office of Purchasing & Contracting (OPC) has created master Contracts with a number of Contractors to enable State Agencies and Departments to quickly and efficiently obtain a variety of Project Management Services to provide oversight management consisting of all required project management skills associated with design and/or construction phase(s) of various State projects and to ensure an optimum project including, without limitation, construction quality, cost control, and schedule control, etc.

We have Contractors under Contract to provide services across a variety of trades. OPC administers and maintains these Statewide Retainer Contracts. 

Retainer Contracts generally establish standard Terms and Conditions, set maximum not-to-exceed prices, and satisfy many legal requirements associated with State procurements, such as public notice of bid, and Contractor responsibility.  Specific service requests are made through separate Statement of Work (SOW) Agreements written against a Contract.

This results in a two-step approach to procurement. The first step is selecting a group of Contractors under a set of requirements or trades areas based upon their response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) requesting those services. This step has been completed and led to creation of the master Contracts mentioned above.

The second step allows Agencies/Departments to solicit responses from those Retainer Contractors for a business need defined in a project specific Statement of Work Request for Proposal (SOW-RFP). 

If a Contractor is selected to perform work on a project, the Agency/Department will issue a Statement of Work Agreement (SOW-Agreement) with a project Statement of Work (SOW).  The resultant SOW-Agreement will be administered by the Agency/Department.

This process is not intended for projects that would result in Contracts of more than $500,000.00. Such situations require the formal Request for Proposals (RFP) process. Therefore, the limit per engagement, i.e. per SOW Agreement, under this process is $500,000.00.

Additionally, during the period between formal list revisions, Contractors may request review and inclusion on the pre-qualified Retainer list at least every two years. All Contractors determined qualified, and who so request it, will be included on the pre-qualified list.

SOW-RFP & SOW Agreement Templates:

Contractors shall not solicit work from State entities. Contractors must wait to be contacted by an Agency/Department needing services performed.

List of Contractors by Service Category & Maintenance District:
Project Management Contractors
Contract supplier     Expiration
37093 Coast & Harbor Associates Inc. Marcella Lancome 781.224.3870 09/14/2022
37047 Zoltan Horvath Zoltan Horvath 802.247.3713 09/14/2022

To view a Contract, click on the Contract number. If you need additional information, contact James Meyers,
State Senior Purchasing Agent - 802.249.7275.

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