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Contractors shall not solicit work from State entities. Contractors must wait to be contacted by an Agency/Department needing services performed.

List of Contractors by Service Category & Maintenance District:
Site & Earthwork Contractors
Contract supplier     Expiration
42468 Above the Best LLC Mike Alexander 802.287.1445 07/25/2025
42212 Adams Trucking & Excavating LLC Buck Adams 802.463.2213 06/30/2025
42469  All Terrain Excavating Mike Hopwood 802.489.6939 06/30/2025
42206 Blanchard Contracting Ltd. Co. Greg Blanchard 802.674.2047 06/30/2025
42207 Casella Construction Inc. Jeff Chase 802.282.1607 06/30/2025
42208 Champlain Construction Company Inc. James Danyow 802.388.2652 06/30/2025
42210 Eilers Bros. Trucking & Excavating Inc. Raymond Eilers 802.423.5413 06/30/2025
42211 Engineers Construction Inc. Jim McNall 802.863.6389 06/30/2025
42476 Gecha Bros Excavation Brian Gecha 802.483.9333 06/30/2025
42214 Giancola Construction Corp. John Allard 802.773.6251 06/30/2025
42215 Harvey's Plumbing and Excavating LLC Raymond C. Harvey 802.767.3241 06/30/2025
42477 H. Stickney III Trucking & Excavating LLC Brian Stickney 802.770.9482 06/30/2025
42234 K. Bellavance Land Works & Hauling LLC Kyle Bellevance 802.622.0011 06/30/2025
42236 Kings Trucking and Excavating LLC Justin King 802.324.6370 06/30/2025
42235 Kirk Fenoff & Son Excavating LLC Kirk Fenoff 802.535.8784 06/30/2025
42237 Mosher Excavating Inc. Craig Mosher 802.342.6675 06/30/2025
46379 Sheehan Excavation Ryan Sheehan 802.318.2692 06/30/2025
42239 Peter's General Contracting Inc. Gerard Peters 802.755.6743 06/30/2025
42478 Summit Contracting and Property K. Sully Buoniconti 802.242.2300 06/30/2025
42232 G&N Excavation, Inc. Michele Gaboriau 802.917.3198 06/30/2025

This process is not intended for larger projects.  Not to exceed project amounts are specified within the Retainer Contracts listed below.  Project amounts exceeding the limit shall require a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) process.

Additionally, during the period between formal list revisions, Contractors may request review and inclusion on the pre-qualified retainer list at least every two (2) years.

All Contractors determined qualified, and who so request it, will be included on the pre-qualified list.

SOW-RFP & SOW Agreement Templates: Click here

To view a Contract, click on the Contract number. If you need additional information, contact James Meyers,
State Senior Purchasing Agent - 802.249.7275.

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