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State Facilities Electric Vehicle Charging

The Energy Office installs and maintains electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at state buildings. Our goal at the Energy Office is to provide convenient, reliable, and accessible EV charging. Whenever there are changes to station rules, features, or new stations, we'll update this page. We value your feedback and involvement as we work to reduce transportation emissions and increase charging station access across Vermont! 

Zoom in and click on the icons to see the location, street address, and station count.

 According to Drive Electric Vermont, EV sales in Vermont jumped 48% from 2021 to 2022, and we at the Department of Buildings and General Services are doing our best to support that growth. BGS has already installed 30 level 2 stations and plans to add more from 2024 to 2026. 

Station Availability

Most stations at state office buildings are open to everyone, except those marked for fleet use only (with possible time restrictions). Dedicated fleet stations are necessary to support the increasing number of state-owned electric fleet vehicles. The map on this page shows the stations that are installed and accessible to state employees. 

Station Cost Recovery Rate

A cost recovery rate of $0.26 per kilowatt hour(kWh) was implemented in 2023 to recoup electricity costs and the costs associated with purchasing, installing, and maintaining the stations. Click here for the public notice detailing the rate implementation.  To ensure equitable access to stations EV drivers are required to move their vehicles when they reach a full charge.

Station Error Reporting

Stations are regularly checked for use and to ensure they're working properly. Sometimes, issues aren't made aware to station managers. Employees can leave a message through ChargePoint, Blink, or report problems to the Energy Office at BGS. 

Recent Updates

The charging stations located at 136 State Street, Montpelier have been replaced and are now usable again. 

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