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Workplace Integrated Management System (WIMS)

WIMS - Workplace Integrated Management System

WIMS is an online Workplace Integrated Management System that incorporates property (owned and leased), space management, work management, capital planning and project management and asset needs analysis information into a real-time dynamic database.  This system and its associated data is used by many departments to submit work requests.

The WIMS system is made up of many modules within it to serving multiple purposes.  The deployment of the system has been divided into for phases:

Phase 1 - Operations and Management (Live 2022)
                 Integration: Work Order Chargebacks (Live 2023)
                 Integration: Bank of America and Operate (Development - March 2024)
Phase 2 - Space Management and Lease Management (Live 2023)
                 Integration: Lease Payments (Development - April 2024) 
Phase 3 - Capital Planning and Project Management (Configuration - October 2023)
Phase 4 - Assessment Needs Analysis (Pending - following CPPM)


  • What:  The WIMS system is being upgraded from 2023.1 - 2024
  • When:  May, 2024 - the WIMS Engage Request Portal will be unavailable at 5:00 PM EST. More details on the timing are forthcoming. 

    If you have an emergency, please use the Emergency Contact List.