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Facilities by District

Montpelier Complex

Jim DeSisto (cell: 798-4479)

120 State Street, Basement, Montpelier, VT  05602


Jonathan Rutledge (cell: 522-6603)

Kengar Building
252 Main Street, Hyde Park

Central Services
1078 US Route 2, Middlesex

Therapeutic Community Residence - VACANT
1076 US Route 2, Middlesex

State Police Barracks - VACANT
1080 US Route 2, Middlesex

DPS Radio Shop
409 US Route 2, Middlesex

Agency of Human Services Building
280 State Drive, Waterbury

Central Heat Plant / Facilities Building
91 State Drive, Waterbury

Forensic Lab (Public Safety)
45 State Drive, Waterbury

Hanks Building
144 Horseshoe Drive, Waterbury

Public Safety Headquarters
45 State Drive, Waterbury

Weeks Building
166 Horseshoe Drive, Waterbury


Gary Champney (cell: 535-4537)

Bradford Information Center
I-91 Northbound, north of exit 16, Bradford

Bradford Public Safety
1594 Waits River Road, Bradford

Washington County Courthouse
255 North Main Street, Barre

McFarland State Office Building
5 Perry Street, Barre

Emory Hebard State Office Building
100 Main Street, Newport

Orleans County Courthouse
247 Main Street, Newport

Derby Welcome Center 
1076 I-91 South, south of exit 29, Derby Line

Derby Public Safety
35 Crawford Road, Derby

Northern State Correctional Facility
2559 Glen Road, Newport

Caledonia County Courthouse
1126 Main Street, St. Johnsbury

Caledonia Community Work Camp
1266-1270 US Route 5, St. Johnsbury

Lyndonville Welcome Center
1700 I-91 South, mile marker 141, south of exit 25, Lyndonville

Waterford Welcome Center
I-93 North, mile marker 1, before exit 1, Waterford

St. Johnsbury Public Safety / Agency of Transportation
1068 US Route 5, St. Johnsbury

Northeast Regional Correctional Facility
1266-1270 US Route 5, St. Johnsbury



Hartford Welcome Center
1501 I-91 South, mile marker 62.8, south of exit 10/I-89 interchange

Randolph Information Center
I-89 South, south of exit 5, Randolph

Royalton Public Safety
2011 VT Route 107, Bethel

Sharon Information Center
I-89 North, north of exit 1, Sharon

Windsor Superior Courthouse
82 Railroad Row, White River Junction

Windham Superior Courthouse
30 Putney Road, Brattleboro

Brattleboro State Office Building
232 Main Street, Brattleboro

Guilford Welcome Center
I-89 North, mile marker 5.6, south of exit 1, Brattleboro

Westminster Public Safety
1330 Westminster Heights Road, Putney

Springfield State Office Building
100 Mineral Street, Suite 309, Springfield

Southern State Correctional Facility
700 Charlsetown Road, Springfield


​Randy Smith (cell: 922-3509)

Health Lab
359 South Park Drive, Colchester

Costello Courthouse
32 Cherry Street, Burlington

50 Cherry Street
50 Cherry Street, Burlington

Zampieri Office Building
108 Cherry Street, Burlington

394 Hegeman Avenue
394 Hegeman Avenue, Colchester

424 Hegeman Avenue
424 Hegeman Avenue, Colchester

Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility
7 Farrell Street, Burlington

Williston Northbound Information Center
I-89 North, north of exit 11, Williston

Williston Southbound Information Center
I-89 South, south of exit 12, Williston

Williston Public Safety
2777 St. George Road, Williston

Franklin County Court
36 Lake Street, St. Albans

Northwest State Correctional Facility
3649 Lower Road, Swanton

St. Albans Public Safety
104 Fisher PondRoad, St. Albans

Alburgh Welcome Center
680 North Main Street, Route 2, Alburgh

Georgia Northbound Information Center
I-89 North, north of exit 18, Georgia

Georgia Southbound Information Center
I-89 South, south of exit 19, Georgia


​Rob Gallipo (cell: 770-2131)

Bennington State Office Complex
150 Veterans Memorial Drive, Bennington

Bennington Downtown State Office Building
324 Main Street, Bennington

Bennington Battle Monument
15 Monument Circle, Bennington

Fair Haven Welcome Center
1356 Prospect Street, Route 4, Fair Haven

Mahady Court House
7 Mahady Court, Middlebury

New Haven Public Safety
2490 Ethan Allen Highway, New Haven

Vermont State Police Academy
Furnace Road, Pittsford

Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility
167 State Street, Rutland

Rutland District and Family Court
9 Merchants Row, Rutland

Rutland Public Safety
124 State Place, Rutland

Former Weeks School
100A MacDonough Drive, Vergennes