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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my work to you to be printed?

We prefer that you send your file electronically as and e-mail attachment with a completed Print Shop Requisition Form. We still welcome walk-in and mail requests.
We are located at the General Services Center behind the Middlesex State Police Barracks on Route 2, halfway between Montpelier and Waterbury. Some customers find it helpful to meet with Print Shop staff to discuss their needs in person on their way to or from work.
BGS Print Shop
1078 US Rte 2
Middlesex, VT 05633-7601
We recommend transferring your data to us electronically whenever possible, to optimize quality and turn-time. Our requisition form is available on-line. Please download and fill out the form. Then attach the completed form to an e-mail with your job file attached. Finally, email the form and your file to us.  

How long will it take for my job to be completed?

This varies from job-to-job based on complexity and quantity, but our standard turn-around time for most jobs is approximately 3 days!

We ask that on extremely large runs of manuals, or color work; you call us for an estimated time-frame so we can look at our schedule, and arrange run times to meet your needs.  

How do I fill out this requisition form?

There are key areas which need to be filled out completely in order for us to process your job, please print legibly or type and save file to your directory to send as an e-mail attachment:

  1. Customer Number: This MUST be filled in to start your job. This provides us with necessary billing information.
  2. Date Required: We MUST have a required date in order to manage our equipment schedule. Particularly if there are finishing options which will require extra operator time to complete.
  3. Location: This will be where you would like your job delivered or mailed to, so please BE SPECIFIC and complete. If you have a room number, suite or floor, it would also be helpful.
  4. Person to Notify: This is the person who will be called or e-mailed if there are questions about the job, and who the delivery person will look for when delivering the job, unless otherwise state in Location.
  5. Title of Print Request: This makes it easier to track your job throughout the process and the job title is included on your bill.
  6. Number of Originals: The total number of sheets in your job including covers, tabs, etc. This helps determine if pages are missing or doubled.
  7. Quantity of Each: This number should be how many finished units you need.
  8. Simplex or Duplex: Would you like your copies to be single-sided, or front and back?
  9. Other Instructions: Indicate here if you would like a sample for final approval before printing, any special instructions, delivery instructions, or anything that should be noted.
  10. Paper Size: Letter, Legal, or Ledger?
  11. Type of Paper: Would you like recycled bond, cover, index, or any other particular weight?
  12. Paper Color: What color paper would you like your job printed on?  Would you like more than one color?
  13. Ink Color: Do you want your finished work printed in black-and-white, or in color? – There is a cost difference and if you’re unsure please ask for a quote.
  14. Cutting: Indicate finished size, or how may cuts per sheet: For instance: “Cut 50 sheets in 3 for 150 total cards”.
  15. Finishing: Pick collated or uncollated, fold – type, pad – how many sheets per pad, punch – 2 or 3 hole-punch, staple – left portrait, left landscape, saddle – fold in half with 2 staples in fold, or tab for mailing. This is a round paper tab with adhesive backing which will process through modern mailing bar-coders.
  16. Bind: Book binding with a tape spine, or wire coil.

How much will my job cost?

We will provide a quote “up front” if you like based on the information you provide. You can submit your job and ask for a quote to be provided before the job is started.

We recommend you Email the Print Shop and we will return a quote to you within one business day.

How does the “Convenience Copier” program work?

BGS purchases copiers from the state contract and leases them back to state agencies and departments. The copier lease is based on a monthly rate, and monthly service fees are coordinated direclty with the contracted vendor.  A customer simply has to call, e-mail, fax, or write with their needs to initiate a needs assessment and price quotes.  Email the Print Shop.

For More Information

If you have any problems submitting a job electronically, or a problem with your invoice, please email  us.