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Building Communities Grants Programs

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2022 FY2023 Building Communities Grants Funded


Please note the following new changes in the Building Communities Grants starting in 2022 for the FY2023 grant cycle.


  • The new deadline to submit grant applications has changed from July 31st to September 10th.

  • All the grant forms will now be required to be submitted all together, once the proposed grant project has been completed. 

  • It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to ensure that all requested documentation has been received by the Grant Administrator at the Department of Buildings and General Services.

  • Check out all the new information on the grant instructions for the new updates and requirements.


Building Communities Grants Programs Overview


Awarded/Non-Awarded Applicants for 2022 FY2023. 


For Facility Grants Administered by the Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS), Please Click on the Links Below for the Grant Instructions and Grant Applications.  




Committee Members