Enterprise Content Management & Digital Document Management

Enterprise Content Management and Digital Document Management

Contractor shall provide services to establish or maintain electronic document imaging, document management, document workflow, and associated technologies in the context of enterprise strategy, records management policies, and existing assets. The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) defines ECM as the technologies used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

Following are Requirements and Capabilities for this Service:

  • Accomplish workflow analysis;
  • Develop/implement document indexing schemes and workload management;
  • Provide implementation and support services;
  • Develop system interfaces;
  • Develop/implement system migration strategies;
  • Provide document conversion services (hardcopy to electronic or electronic to electronic);
  • Provide performance monitoring/measurement;
  • Accomplish system stress testing/benchmarking; and,
  • Implement document and records retention/archiving strategies/plans.
  • Provide software maintenance and support activities, including staff training

Digital Document Management Response Requirements:

  • Migrating data from network shares and/or other document repositories to repositories including SharePoint, Documentum or OnBase.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Zonal OCR
  • Batch processing
  • Multiple formats
  • Large format Engineering documents in color
  • Microfilm
  • Record/archival
  • Presentation
  • Certified mail receipts – postcards
  • Medical records
  • Other non-standard sizes
  • Resolution options/standards
  • Integrating document intake with workflow
  • Indexing
  • Developing taxonomies and metadata
  • Working with existing taxonomy and metadata standards
  • Interface to applications such as SharePoint, Documentum, OnBase.
  • De-speckling - Example. The "Despeckle" filter is used to smoothen an image which has been scanned in from a magazine, newspaper, etc.; reduce the image resolution and contrast, thereby reducing the di- agnostic value of this imaging modality.
  • Method of transmittal/transmittal issues
  • Chain of custody
  • Turn-around time
  • Location requirements – Where the imaging is being accomplished
  • Offsite or on site for records that cannot leave government control
  • Document preparation requirements, i.e. what do you need the State to do for preparation of documents, and/or what can vendor do?
  • Ask vendor to provide analysis/consulting on requirements for H/W & S/W
  • Vendor should provide QA/QC practices and processes, e.g. 100% inspection or statistical QC/error sampling rates; independent QC services
  • Estimates for storage requirements
  • Lifecycle costs
  • Scale preservation (1:1)


Arc Business Solutions, Contact Darwin Perrier, P: (403)589-6448, Contract 37624

Ardent Technologies, Inc., Contact: Vas Appalaneni, P: (937)312-1345, Contract 37285     

BerryDunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC, Contact: Charles Leadbetter, P: (207)541-2249, Contract 37275                                                               

C2-Competitive Computing, Contact: Marty Thieret, P: (802)764-1700, Contract 37279

Compugain, Contact: Ganesh Rjagopa, P: (702)956-7032, Contract 37581

Credents, Contact: Steve Mattera, P: (802)999-7911, Contract 37619

KnowledgeWave, Contact: Eric Sokolowski, P: (802)864-0456, Contract 31935

Nam Technologies, Contact Kas Sistla, P: (678)341-5166, Contract 37582     

Neumeric Technology Corporation, Contact: Marc Fields, P: (614)612-1510, Contract 37587

NY Global Consultants, Contact: Mukesh Molugu, P: (516)512-7999, Contract 37621

OTSI - Object Technology Solutions, Inc., Contact: David Nash, P: (913)345-9080, Contract 32075     

Presidio Networking Solutions LLC, Contact: Chris Kingston, P: (802)318-4420, Contract 37538      

Rolta Advizex, Contact: Kerilyn Caldwell, P: (603)793-7732, Contract 32028

SecurShred, Contact: Monique Crete, P: (802)863-3003 x112, Contract 36898  

Speridian Technologies, Contact: Ali Hasan, P: (505)217-3725, Contract 37663

Strategic Technology Services, Inc., Contact: David Gadway, P: (802)363-7414, Contract 32066    



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