Enterprise GIS Services

Enterprise GIS Services

Contractor shall provide services to integrate, store, edit, analyze, and display geographically-referenced information in a client/server or web-based environment.

Following are Requirements and Capabilities for this Service:

  • Implement and support Enterprise GIS services as part of an enterprise IT environment;
  • Identify, design, and implement mechanisms for acquiring, developing, implementing, and managing services as enterprise activities;
  • Cost-benefit analysis of migrating/integrating exiting databases with GIS;
  • Systems analysis, design and spatial database development;
  • Spatial referencing of spatial and non-spatial data;
  • Integrate spatially referenced data with other functional areas in an organization;
  • GIS system and data maintenance;
  • Data quality assurance (e.g. data accuracy, precision, consistency, completeness) according to data quality standards/guidelines of the State;
  • Collect, create or acquire digital spatial data such as orthophotography, elevation date, transportation features, streams, or parcel maps;
  • Create maps using spatial data for Web content, publication or other uses;
  • Link data with maps using geocoding;
  • Define, develop, configure, implement and maintain GIS solutions, including COTS packages;
  • Manipulate geographical data;
  • Perform queries, analysis and visualization;
  • Leverage existing data sets and data assets of the State, as necessary;
  • Interface disparate GIS data sets to GIS solution;
  • Develop Custom GIS application to present data in standalone and web based environments.


Arc Business Solutions, Contact Darwin Perrier, P: (403)589-6448, Contract 37624

Azavea, Contact: Robert Cheetham, P: (215)701-7713, Contract 36973

C2-Competitive Computing, Contact: Marty Thieret, P: (802)764-1700, Contract 37279

Compugain, Contact: Ganesh Rjagopa, P: (702)956-7032, Contract 37581

GCR, Inc., Contact: Greg Amato, P: (860)559-6354, Contract 32073

Geographic Technologies Group, Inc., Contact: David Holdstock CEO, Contract 37594

Janus Software, inc. d/b/a Janus Associates, Contact: Patricia Fisher, P: (203)251-0200, Contract 37282

Nam Technologies, Contact Kas Sistla, P: (678)341-5166, Contract 37582     

Neumeric Technology Corporation, Contact: Marc Fields, P: (614)612-1510, Contract 37587

NY Global Consultants, Contact: Mukesh Molugu, P: (516)512-7999, Contract 37621

OTSI - Object Technology Solutions, Inc., Contact: David Nash, P: (913)345-9080, Contract 32075       

Portland Webworks, Contact: Tom Lovering, P: 207-773-6600, Contract 37665

Presidio Networking Solutions LLC, Contact: Chris Kingston, P: (802)318-4420, Contract 37538     

RadGov, Inc., Contact: Ajay Kapoor, P: (954)938-2800, Contract 31993

Rolta Advizex, Contact: Kerilyn Caldwell, P: (603)793-7732, Contract 32028

Tilson Technology Management, Inc., Contact: Jay Ford, P: (207)358-7403, Contract 32113   

Windsor Solutions Inc, Contact: Craig Austin, P: (503)675-7833 EXT 215, Contract 37553   

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