Independent Review

Independent Review

Contractor shall provide the Secretary of ADS/CIO an independent expert review of any Agency recommendation for any information technology activity when its total cost is $1,000,000.00 or greater or when CIO requires one.

The State has identified two sub-categories for Independent Reviews, Standard and Complex. The State will identify in the SOW RFP the sub-category they are seeking.  State shall not consider bids greater than the maximum value indicated below for this category.

Standard Independent Review $25,000 Maximum

Complex Independent Review $50,000 Maximum

Per Vermont statute 3 V.S.A. 2222, The Secretary of Administration shall obtain independent expert review of any recommendation for any information technology initiated after July 1, 1996, as information technology activity is defined by subdivision (a) (10), when its total cost is $1,000,000 or greater or when required by the State Chief Information Officer. Documentation of this independent review shall be included when plans are submitted for review pursuant to subdivisions (a)(9) and (10) of this section. The independent review shall include:

  • An acquisition cost assessment
  • A technology architecture review
  • An implementation plan assessment
  • A cost analysis and model for benefit analysis
  • A procurement negotiation advisory services contract
  • An impact analysis on net operating costs for the agency carrying out the activity

In addition, from time to time special reviews of the advisability and feasibility of certain types of IT strategies may be required.

Following are Requirements and Capabilities for this Service:

  • Identify acquisition and lifecycle costs;
  • Assess wide area network (WAN) and/or local area network (LAN) impact;
  • Assess risks and/or review technical risk assessments of an IT project including security, data classification(s), subsystem designs, architectures, and computer systems in terms of their impact on costs, benefits, schedule and technical performance;
  • Assess, evaluate and critically review implementation plans, e.g.:
  • Adequacy of support for conversion and implementation activities
  • Adequacy of department and partner staff to provide Project Management
  • Adequacy of planned testing procedures
  • Acceptance/readiness of staff
  • Schedule soundness
  • Adequacy of training pre and post project
  • Assess proposed technical architecture to validate conformance to the State’s “strategic direction.”
  • Insure system use toolsets and strategies are consistent with State Chief Information Officer (CIO) policies, including security and digital records management;
  • Assess the architecture of the proposed hardware and software with regard to security and systems integration with other applications within the Department, and within the Agency, and existing or planned Enterprise Applications;
  • Perform cost and schedule risk assessments to support various alternatives to meet mission need, recommend alternative courses of action when one or more interdependent segment(s) or phase(s) experience a delay, and recommend opportunities for new technology insertions;
  • Assess the architecture of the proposed hardware and software with regard to the state of the art in this technology.
  • Assess a project’s backup/recovery strategy and the project’s disaster recovery plans for adequacy and conformance to State policy.
  • Evaluate the ability of a proposed solution to meet the needs for which the solution has been proposed, define the ability of the operational and user staff to integrate this solution into their work.


Arc Business Solutions, Contact Darwin Perrier, P: (403)589-6448, Contract 37624

Archetype Consulting Inc., Contact: Christine Werneke, P: (802)522-6863, Contract 37269

BerryDunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC, Contact: Charles Leadbetter, P: (207)541-2249, Contract 37275

C2-Competitive Computing, Contact: Marty Thieret, P: (802)764-1700, Contract 37279

CMA Consulting, Contact: Jon Barry, P: (518)783-9003, Contract 37280

Compugain, Contact: Ganesh Rjagopa, P: (702)956-7032, Contract 37581

CSG Government Solutions, Contact: Jeffrey Leintz, PMP, RMP, P: (312)444-2760, Contract 35129

GCR, Inc., Contact: Greg Amato, P: (860)559-6354, Contract 32073

Green River Data Analysis LLC, Contact: Ian Kozak, P: (802)257-0641, Contract 37650  

IRG-Information Resource Group, Contact: Harshdeep Bhasin, P: (573)632-6474, Contract 32121

Janus Software, inc. d/b/a Janus Associates, Contact: Patricia Fisher, P: (203)251-0200, Contract 37282

KnowledgeWave, Contact: Eric Sokolowski, P: (802)864-0456, Contract 31935

Nam Technologies, Contact Kas Sistla, P: (678)341-5166, Contract 37582     

Mincar Consulting, Contact: Jennifer Mincar, P: (802)-363-0170, Contract 37283

Newgrange IT Consulting, LLC, Contact: Annmarie Curley, P: (802)448-2490, Contract 37289 

NY Global Consultants, Contact: Mukesh Molugu, P: (516)512-7999, Contract 37621

OTSI - Object Technology Solutions, Inc., Contact: David Nash, P: (913)345-9080, Contract 32075       

Paul E. Garstki, JD d/b/a Paul Garstki Consulting, Contact: Paul Garstki, P: (802)552-0129, Contract 32139

Presidio Networking Solutions LLC, Contact: Chris Kingston, P: (802)318-4420, Contract 37538     

Red River Computer Co., Inc., Contact: James Connal, P: (703)880-9721, Contract 32112

Rolta Advizex, Contact: Kerilyn Caldwell, P: (603)793-7732, Contract 32028

Strategic Technology Services, Inc., Contact: David Gadway, P: (802)363-7414, Contract 32066    

Versatile Communications, Contact: Mary Beth Jokela, P: (508)597-2815, Contract 32122

WTB & Associates, LLC, Contact: William T (Bill) Bates, CPA, P: (802)793-9670, Contract 33918,


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