Security Engineer Services

Security Engineer Services

Contractor shall provide services in accordance with the following requirements and capabilities:

Experience serving as the security engineer of complex technology implementations in a product-centric environment. Comfortable with bridging the gap between legacy development or operations teams and working toward a shared culture and vision. Works tirelessly to ensure help developers create the most secure systems in the world while enhancing the privacy of all system users. Experience with white-hat hacking and fundamental computer science concepts strongly desired.

Primarily responsible for:

  • Performing security audits, risk analysis, application-level vulnerability testing, and security code reviews
  • Develop and implement technical solutions to help mitigate security vulnerabilities
  • Conduct research to identify new attack vectors.


Arc Business Solutions, Contact: Darwin Perrier, P: (403)589-6448, Contract 37624

BerryDunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC, Contact: Charles Leadbetter, P: (207)541-2249, Contract 37275

C2-Competitive Computing, Contact: Marty Thieret, P: (802)764-1700, Contract 37279

CMA Consulting, Contact: Jon Barry, P: (518)783-9003, Contract 37280

Compugain, Contact: Ganesh Rjagopa, P: (702)956-7032, Contract 37581

Credents, Contact: Steve Mattera, P: (802)999-7911, Contract 37619

Janus Software, inc. d/b/a Janus Associates, Contact: Patricia Fisher, P: (203)251-0200, Contract 37282

Nam Technologies, Contact Kas Sistla, P: (678)341-5166, Contract 37582 

Neumeric Technology Corporation, Contact: Marc Fields, P: (614)612-1510, Contract 37587

NuHarbor Security, Contact: Justin Fimlaid, P: (800)-917-5719, Contract: 37291

NY Global Consultants, Contact: Mukesh Molugu, P: (516)512-7999, Contract 37621

Presidio Networking Solutions LLC, Contact: Chris Kingston, P: (802)318-4420, Contract 37538     

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