Software License Optimization

Software License Optimization

Contractor shall provide services in accordance with the following requirements and capabilities:

Description - Service category to provide Information gathering and consultation regarding license position to include: discovery, accounting, tracking, compliance, costs analysis and/or cost projection.

Category Requirements

  • Services may include the use of a software solution in addition to consultative services.
  • The Supplier is able to advise and provide experienced, strategic advice to the State through an audit process.
  • The Supplier has the ability to produce license position reports for software by merging supplied software license purchase, contract and entitlement information with assets, including software usage and hardware information as required.
  • The Supplier has the ability to identify unused or infrequently used software and recommend harvesting or eliminating such licenses, thus facilitating software acquisition and disposal decisions that reduce costs.
  • Supplier has the ability to provide visualizations of software license utilization.
  • The Supplier has the ability to suggest alternative licensing and/or configuration entitlements, such as upgrade/downgrade, named versus concurrent users, reassignment/right of second use, multiple versions, capacity and sub capacity, processor and cores, virtual machine (VM) use rights and cloud services.
  • The Supplier can demonstrate past experience in producing license optimization reports that specific software vendors have accepted as valid license accounting.
  • The Supplier has the ability to provide what-if analysis capabilities that would allow the State to determine the impact of hardware and software changes on license position (before the changes are actually made). Actions such as modifying hardware properties, moving virtual machines across hosts or installation of a new software can be simulated, providing an estimated license position and financial impact that reflects these changes.

Examples of Potential Statements of work:

  • Evaluation and consultation regarding:
    • compliant and effective license utilization and maximization, especially within virtualized environments (can include roadmaps)
    • Legal considerations regarding software licensure
  • Evaluations may include the following software:
    • Microsoft Products
    • IBM Products
    • SAP Products
    • Adobe Products
    • Oracle Products
    • Citrix Products
    • ESRI Products
    • Hyland Products


Arc Business Solutions, Contact: Darwin Perrier, P: (403)589-6448, Contract 37624

C2-Competitive Computing, Contact: Marty Thieret, P: (802)764-1700, Contract 37279

Nam Technologies, Contact Kas Sistla, P: (678)341-5166, Contract 37582 

NY Global Consultants, Contact: Mukesh Molugu, P: (516)512-7999, Contract 37621

Presidio Networking Solutions LLC, Contact: Chris Kingston, P: (802)318-4420, Contract 37538     

Speridian Technologies, Contact: Ali Hasan, P: (505)217-3725, Contract 37663

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