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Software License Optimization Services Description:
The Vendor shall provide services in accordance with the following requirements and capabilities - Provide Information gathering & consultation regarding license position to include:

•  Discovery
•  Accounting
•  Tracking
•  Compliance
•  Costs analysis and/or cost projection

Requirements/Capabilities & Methodologies:
•  Services may include the use of a software solution in addition to consultative services.
•  Able to advise & provide experienced, strategic advice to the State through an audit process.
•  Has the ability to produce license position reports for software by merging supplied software license
    purchase, contract & entitlement information with assets, including software usage & hardware 
    information as required.
•  Has the ability to identify unused or infrequently used software and recommend harvesting or
     eliminating such licenses, thus facilitating software acquisition & disposal decisions that reduce costs
•  Has the ability to provide visualizations of software license utilization.
•  Has the ability to suggest alternative licensing and/or configuration entitlements, such as
     upgrade/downgrade, named versus concurrent users, reassignment/right of second use,
     multiple versions, capacity & sub-capacity, processor & ores, virtual machine (VM) use rights &
     cloud services.
•  Can demonstrate past experience in producing license optimization reports that specific
     software Vendors
     have accepted as valid license accounting.
•  Has the ability to provide what-if analysis capabilities that would allow the State to determine the
     impact of hardware & software changes on license position (before the changes are actually made).
     Actions such as modifying hardware properties, moving virtual machines across hosts or installation
     of a new software can be simulated, providing an estimated license position & financial impact that
     reflects these changes.

Examples of Potential Statements of Work:

  1. Evaluation & consultation regarding:
    Compliant & effective license utilization & maximization, especially within virtualized environments (can include roadmaps)
  2. Legal considerations regarding software licensure:
    Evaluations may include the following software:
     •  Microsoft Products
     •  IBM Products
     •  SAP Products
     •  Adobe Products
•  Oracle Products
•  Citrix Products
•  ESRI Products
•  Hyland Products

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Software License Optimization Retainer Vendors

  Contract Vendor     Expiration
37799 22nd Century Technologies Inc. Crystal Cooper 908.765.0002
ext 251
37624 ARC Business Solutions Inc. Darwin Perrier  403.589.6448 01/24/2021
37884 Cogent Infotech Corporation Justin Acord 972.200.0109
37279 Competitive Computing Inc. - C2 Nick Hinge
Marty Thieret
37971 DatamanUSA LLC Jason Hargrove  312.444.2760 04/14/2021
37888 Elegant Enterprise-Wide Solutions Inc. Priyanka 703.609.3076 04/14/2021
37575 House of Brick Technologies LLC KC Alvano  703.395.3138 12/31/2020
37791 KPMG LLP Geoffrey S. Plante  518.427.4810 02/28/2021
37883 Mirage Software Inc. DBA
Bourntec Solutions Inc.
Sruthi Reddy 573.644.3076 03/31/2021
38298 MTX Group Inc. Liam Bowley 516.402.7662 06/14/2021
37582 Nam Technologies Inc. Kas Sistla  678.341.5166 12/31/2020
37621 New York Global Consultants Inc. Email 888-662-6888
ext 119
37538 Presidio Networking Solutions LLC Chris Kingston 802.318.4420 12/31/2020
37664 SHI International Corp. Nick Repp  603.573.6187 01/31/2021
39052 SoftHQ Inc. Kranti Ponnam 847.513.2999
ext 603
37663 Speridian Technologies LLC Ali Hasan  505.217.3725 01/31/2021  
39054 Techtu Business Solutions Inc. Gopi Chavali
Nivas Vegasena
37671 WEX Health Inc. Steve Cudley 402.575.4016 01/31/2021

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