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Add your e-mail address to our list serve to receive notifications of upcoming program updates or changes.

Zip+4 Information

Please note that use of the appropriate zip+4 on incoming USPS Federal mail speeds processing and delivery. Zip+4 mail is sorted and delivered the same day that it is received from the Federal Post Office.

The use of the appropriate zip+4 on "pink mail" or inter/intra departmental mail also speeds processing and eliminates the need to write out address locations. An individual name, along with an accurate and complete zip+4 is all that is needed for delivery to locations throughout the Montpelier and Waterbury complexes.

  • Zip+4 List - updated 6/5/20
    Open document and press "Control F" to search list

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Mailing Notification

Please notify us of large or special mailings using the form below. The MSWord version can be completed, saved, and then sent to us as an e-mail attachment.

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