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Fleet Management Services

Fleet Cars

Fleet Management Services (FMS) is the centralized fleet services program. FMS is responsible for the management and oversight of passenger vehicles and light duty trucks.

The program was implemented to reduce the overall cost of employee travel and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To accomplish this, the division of FMS will recommend that you right-size vehicles to match the expected use and provide vehicles to high mileage state employees rather than pay the higher cost of mileage reimbursement.

Mission Statement

To provide safe, well-maintained vehicles to all agencies and departments of state government for use of employees traveling on state business. To ensure the efficient use of state-owned vehicles and resources to provide safe, cost-effective transportation for employees while performing their official duties. To demonstrate the State’s commitment to our environment by reducing the environmental impact of state employee travel.

Desired Outcome

  • Reduce the environmental impact of state government’s daily travel
  • Save money by replacing mileage reimbursement expenses with the use of state- owned vehicles that are operated at a lower per-mile cost
  • Demonstrate the state’s commitment to preserving our environment
  • Set a positive example for businesses statewide by showing that successful business operations are compatible with environmentally responsible operations
  • Create increased market demand for hybrid and low-emission vehicles


The Commissioner of Buildings and General Services has been given authority and responsibilities for the purchase, use, storage, maintenance, repair, and disposal of all vehicles within the centralized fleet. By Executive order, this authority and responsibility has been extended to all vehicles owned by the State. The Commissioner of BGS has delegated the responsibilities for implementing approved policies and procedures to the Fleet Manager.

BGS Fleet Management Services
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