Assigned Vehicles

New/Replacement Vehicle Purchase Process

Assigned vehicles are provided to a department for their full-time use within the parameters of the Fleet Management Services (FMS) policies and procedures.  Assignments are reviewed biennially through the lease review to ensure fleet vehicles are meeting the minimum utilization threshold.

The online webform to request the purchase of a new or replacement fleet vehicle is now available in a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.   Please email the completed form to  For questions, please call us at (802)828-3821.

New or Replacement Vehicle Order Request Form (MS Word)
New or Replacement Vehicle Order Request Form (PDF)
Assigned Vehicle Request Instructions


Rates are calculated individually based on vehicle and department-requested equipment costs, projected maintenance and repair costs, insurance and program administrative costs.  An annual mileage allotment will be established and, at the biennial lease review, any miles which exceed the allotment will be billed to the department.  

Trip Log

A trip log is recommended for all travel in state vehicles.  For your convenience, you may print a copy of the trip log:  Vehicle Usage Log 

State-Owned License Plates

State vehicles are registered with State-designated license plates. If a department requires a vehicle without the “State” designation on the license plate, the department must report that requirement on a Exemption from 'State” License Plate Designation Form. The requesting agency head must sign this form before it can be processed. 

Taking A State Vehicle Home

FMS vehicles may be home based with prior approval. If a job requires an employee to regularly take a FMS vehicle to his/her home for any reason, the employee must request permission from FMS. This approval to home base a vehicle is requested by (1) completing the Employee Request to Take State Vehicle Home Form, and (2) having this form signed by the employee’s agency head.

Keeping Vehicles Clean

It is the responsibility of the leasing department to initiate vehicle cleaning. It is recommended that each vehicle be cleaned monthly. Vehicles returned at lease end which are not clean will be charged a fee for professional detailing.

Vehicle Maintenance

All vehicle maintenance will follow the manufacturer's recommended schedule.  FMS tracks all maintenance and repairs and alerts the agency and department when scheduled maintenance is due.  Maintenance alerts are triggered by the odometer entered at the fuel pump, so it is CRITICAL for drivers to enter the odometer accurately when fueling FMS vehicles.  Fleet vehicles operate using synthetic motor oil unless FMS informs the department otherwise, such as for low- or special-use vehicles.

Oil Change

Fleet vehicles shall use full synthetic oil and be changed at 10,000 miles increments or every six months, whichever comes first.  Deviations from the requirement to use synthetic oil will be decided by FMS and the department informed accordingly, such as for heavy or special use vehicles.

Vehicle Repair

Drivers are required to report all vehicle issues, including check engine lights, noises, or other signs of potential mechanical malfunctions, to FMS immediately by calling (802)828-3821 or directly contacting the assigned FMS Service Technician.  Vehicle maintenance and repairs expenses are included in the lease, which consists of any repairs normally covered under the manufacturer's original bumper-to-bumper warranty and normal wear and tear items.  Expenses not covered by the lease includes, but is not limited to, vehicle damages not caused by normal use, repair or replacement of aftermarket equipment/components, parking/tolls, towing services not related to a mechanical breakdown or accident, roadside assistance for running out of fuel or EV charge, or consumable items such as windshield washer fluid, wipers, cleaning products, floor mats, etc.  FMS will pay service vendors directly for all fleet related purchases and, for any expenses not covered by the lease, FMS will bill back the department accordingly.  

Special Equipment Requests

Permanently installed special equipment -- such as child safety seats, portable car phones, two-way radios, emergency light bars, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, etc. -- or state decals may be installed at the leasing department’s expense.  Aftermarket equipment installed at the time of purchase may be added to the lease, however maintenance/repair and replacement is the responsibility of the department.

Cancelling A Long-Term Vehicle Assignment Contract

When a department finds they no longer have a need for the assigned vehicle or it is under-utilized, please contact the FMS Manager who will seek alternative placement for the vehicle.  

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