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Geographic Information System (GIS) & Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Drone Services

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Geographic Information System & Unmanned Aircraft System Drone Services Description:
The Supplier will provide services to collect, integrate, store, edit, process, analyze, and visualize geographically-referenced information & imagery in a client/server and/or web-based environment.

•  Assist State Agencies/Departments in achieving the full potential of geospatial technology & information.
•  Identify, design, & implement mechanisms for acquiring, developing, deploying, & managing geospatial
     data/imagery and services in support of Agency & departmental priorities.

Requirements/Capabilities & Methodologies:
Examples of Potential Statements of Work:

1) Geographic Information System (GIS) Services:
a. Cost-benefit analysis of migrating/integrating
     existing databases with GIS;
b. Systems analysis, design and geospatial database
c. Spatial referencing of spatial & non-spatial data;
d. Integration of spatially referenced data with other
     functional areas in an organization;
e. GIS system design and deployment;
f.  GIS database design, development, & data
g. Feature extraction & change detection using object
     recognition technologies;
h. Data quality assurance (i.e. data accuracy,
     precision, consistency, completeness) according to
     data quality standards/guidelines of the State;

i.   Collect, create or acquire geospatial data such as
     orthoimagery, elevation data, transportation
     features, streams, or parcel boundaries;
j.  Create maps using geospatial data for Web content,
     publication or other uses;
k.  Linking data with maps using geocoding;
l.   Define, develop, configure, implement & maintain
     GIS solutions, including COTS packages;
m. Manipulate & analyze geospatial data;
n.  Perform queries, analysis &  visualization;
o.  Leverage existing data sets & data assets of the
     State, as necessary;
p.  Integrate disparate GIS data sets;
q.  Custom GIS application development to present
      data in standalone & web-based environments.

2) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Services:

a. Inspection & damage assessments using UAS;
b. Imagery, aerial surveying & lidar acquisition;
c. Utilize lidar scanning, imagery, and/or photogrammetry to
    inspect & map airports, roads, bridges and related infrastructure;
d. Conduct damage assessments using UAS;
e. Capture land use change in targeted areas & update existing state datasets;
f.  Conduct viewshed impact analysis;
g. Utilize multispectral sensors to rapidly assess vegetation health;
h. Assist search & rescue operations using aerial thermography.

How to obtain Services from an IT Retainer Supplier - click here.

Suppliers shall not solicit work from State entities. Suppliers must wait to be contacted by ADS. All State Agencies/Departments must work with ADS to obtain services from GIS/UAS Retainer Suppliers.

Geographic Information Services (GIS) & Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Drone Suppliers

Contract supplier     Expiration
35762 Arrowwood Environmental Inc. Aaron Worthley 802.434.7276
ext. 4
35785 Greenman-Pedersen Inc. Timothy Letton 78.570.2964 02/28/2022
35774 James W. Sewall Co. Lori Austin 800.648.4202 02/28/2022
35383 Stone Environmental John Hanzas 802.229.2194 11/30/2021
35263 University of Vermont (UVM) Rubenstein
School of Environment & Natural Resources
Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne 802.656.3324 11/30/2021

If you need additional information, contact Roland Ortiz, Technology Procurement Administrator - 802.371.8987

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