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Motor Pool Rental Vehicles

Motor Pool vehicles are defined as vehicles that are rented on a daily basis for use by state employees in lieu of using their personal vehicle while performing state business. These vehicles will be located throughout the state.

Reservation Requests

You may request a vehicle reservation using our online reservation form: Online Reservation Form. Please note that reservation requests are processed during normal State business hours only. Requests submitted after hours will be processed the next business day.

Choosing Pickup Site

Consider when choosing a primary and/or alternate pickup site whether the alternate site works for you. Only enter the locations you are willing to utilize for pickup. Your reservation confirmation will specify your pickup location. 

Motor Pool Rental Rate

Full-day Rental:  $50.00 per day (24-hour period).  100 miles are included in the base rate with $0.50 per mile incurred for each mile in excess of the 100-mile-per-day allowance.

Half-day Rental:  $25.00 for rental periods of 4-hours or less. 50 miles are included in the base rate with $0.50 per mile incurred for each mile in excess of the 50-mile-per-day allowance.  This rate is automatically applied to rentals returned within 4-hours from the time of pickup and does not need to be requested at the time of reservation.


If a customer wants to pick up a car at 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon (Day 1) for use on Monday (Day 4), the customer is charged for use on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (3 days). If the customer returns the car after 4 PM on Monday, the customer is charged for a 4th day.

Unless the motor pool car will be used for state business during the weekend, it is more cost effective to the State for the car to be picked up on the day it is needed for state travel.   

Trip Calculator

Employees can calculate the most cost effective way to travel by using the trip calculator: Trip Calculator.  Enter the number of days you plan to travel and the anticipate round-trip mileage for your trip. The trip calculator will tell you which method of transportation is most cost effective – driving a motor pool vehicle, renting a vehicle from Enterprise through State contract, or receiving mileage reimbursement for driving your personal vehicle.

Reservation Confirmation

All reservation requests will be processed and confirmed by email during normal State business hours. You are encouraged to read this confirmation notice to ensure the reservation and scheduled pick-up location meets your expectations.  If FMS is unable to fulfill your vehicle reservation request, you will receive a Notice of Regret. This Notice should be attached to your mileage reimbursement request if you then drive your personal vehicle.


You may cancel your reservation by e-mailing, or call us at (802)828-3821. There is no penalty when a cancellation is made prior to scheduled pick-up time. Cancellations made after the scheduled pick up time will result in a one-day-rental-charge penalty assessed to your department.

Reservation No-Show

A reservation will be declared a no-show if a vehicle is not picked up within one hour after the scheduled pick-up time. The penalty for a no-show is a one-day rental charge to compensate for lost revenues. You may change your reservation pick-up time up to one hour past the scheduled pick-up time without penalty. If you arrive after the one-hour grace period, FMS cannot guarantee a vehicle will be available. 

Reduced Work Force Or Emergency Closings

At various times during the year weather conditions do warrant delayed opening or early closing of state offices. When there are reports of icy road -- particularly on the back roads – FMS encourages employees to exercise caution as they travel. There may be a time when you choose not to drive because of local weather conditions. In that case, you must cancel your reservation. Upon request, the Fleet Manager will review your cancellation and determine if the late cancellation surcharge is warranted.

Picking Up Your Fleet Vehicle

You can usually expect to pick up your vehicle at your primary vehicle pick-up site (see the Fleet Management Services pick-up site list on the web-site). If a vehicle is not available at your primary vehicle pick-up site, you will be notified of an alternate site when you receive the reservation confirmation. Reservation confirmations will indicate the vehicle pick-up site and the location where you can obtain the keys. Whenever possible, this site will be conveniently located near your work location. You need to possess a valid driver's license to operate a state-owned vehicle.  

The driver must pick up the keys during normal business hours. If you need to leave before business hours the next day, indicate this on your reservation request. If the vehicle is not being used, you may pick up keys after 3:30 PM the previous day, but the vehicle must remain at the pick-up site. The vehicle may not be taken home with you unless you have prior authorization from Fleet Management Services.

Unless the vehicle is reserved for the weekend period, the vehicle must be returned on Friday to accommodate any weekend servicing or cleaning.  

Motor Pool Locations

Burlington  (Temporarily Closed - New location TBD)


Fleet Management Services, 7 Green Mountain Drive 
  • Located in the Green Mountain Power Building, use side entrance facing Dept of Labor building 
  • Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM (except on state holidays)
Capital Visitor's Center, 134 State Street (Temporarily Closed)
  • Key pickup
    • 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Monday through Friday
    • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Saturday and Sunday (closed Thanksgiving and Christmas)


Office of Local Health,  Hebard State Office Building, 100 Main Street, Suite 220  
  • 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM - Monday through Friday (except on state holidays)
  • Key pickup, second floor at the VDH reception window.
  • Please note: State Employees wanting to use the Motor Pool must have their BGS Security Badge updated to have entry to the parking garage.


Rutland Multi-Modal Transit Center, 102 West Street (Merchants Row Parking Garage)
  • Monday through Friday 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM (except on state holidays)
  • Key pickup, second floor at the DCF reception window. 
  • Please Note: State Employees wanting to use the Motor Pool must have a parking pass or their BGS Security Badge updated to have free entry to parking garage.


State Office Building, 100 Mineral Street, Suite 104
  • Monday through Friday 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM (except on state holidays)
  • Key pickup, first floor at the VDH WIC reception window.


State Office Complex, Central Plant, 91 State Drive
  • Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 3:30 PM (except on state holidays)

Pre-Drive Vehicle Check

Drivers should check the vehiclebefore departing the pick-up site, i.e. lights, turn signals, tires not flat, hood secure, etc. If any problems are detected, notify the dispatch staff immediately.

Keeping Vehicles Clean

Drivers are expected to remove trash from the rental vehicle before returning it. For your convenience, trash cans are available at the pick-up sites. Vehicles requiring major interior cleaning after you return it will incur a surcharge to the employee’s department at the current market rate. Routine and regular interior cleaning and all exterior cleaning will be the responsibility of Fleet Management Services. 

Returning Motor Pool Vehicles

  • Re-fueling:  As a courtesy to the next driver, please return the motor pool vehicle with at least a one-half tank of fuel. 

  • Plug-In Vehicles:  Electric plug-in vehicles must be plugged in to the charging station upon return to ensure a full charge for the next rental.

  • Return to Same Location:  It is expected that the vehicle will be returned to the same location from which you picked it up. Approval from Fleet Management Services must be obtained at the time of reservation if you plan to return a fleet vehicle to a site other than its origin. If a vehicle is returned to a site other than its origin without prior approval, your agency will be charged an additional rental charge.

  • Return When Expected:  If the vehicle is not returned to the pickup site per the reservation return time, the department will be charged the full rental rate for each day that the vehicle is not returned. Departments could be charged for additional FMS expenses necessary in regaining possession of the vehicle.

Returning Keys and Fuel Card

  • During Normal Business Hours:  If you return to the vehicle pick-up site during normal business hours, return the keys and fuel card to the vehicle dispatch staff. 

  • After Normal Business Hours:  If you return after normal business hours, put the keys and fuel card in the locked key box or slot at the vehicle pick-up site. Check with vehicle dispatch staff or call FMS for the exact location of the lock box or slot.

  • Keys Not Returned:  If keys and fuel card are not returned to the pick-up site per the reservation return time, the department will be charged for an open reservation until the keys and fuel card are returned.