Assigned Vehicles Instructions

Vehicle Ordering Information

These Fleet Management Services (FMS) guidelines are provided to assist departments when ordering vehicles. In addition to the FMS information, departments may have guidelines on vehicle ordering. To avoid delays and to ensure appropriate vehicles are ordered, it is important for you to discuss your vehicle need(s) with your business manager. Your business manager will inform you of your department's approval/signature process as well as answer any other questions you may have regarding vehicle orders.

Vehicle Order Form

To request to order a new fleet vehicle, complete the New/Replacement Vehicle Request Form and email to  

Passenger Cars, Vans, and Light Duty Trucks Orders


Annually FMS sends each department a list of their assigned vehicles which have been identified for replacement based on their age, mileage and/or condition. It is important to initiate the replacement order request as quickly as possible to ensure the order is placed prior to the manufacturer's production build out date, which varies by model.  To initiate an order the New/Replacement Vehicle Request Form must be submitted to FMS. Vehicles identified by FMS for replacement must be replaced or returned to FMS, or justification submitted to and approved by FMS.  

New Assignments

A New/Replacement Vehicle Request Form must be completed for each new assignment and submitted to FMS. New vehicle requests will be filled with an existing fleet vehicle when available.  Requests for new assignments should be submitted as soon as the agency becomes aware a vehicle is needed. If an existing fleet vehicle is not available for reassignment, a new vehicle will be ordered which may take approximately 18 weeks to receive delivery from the date FMS places the order.

Seasonal Assignments

A seasonal assignment is made when a department requests a vehicle for longer than one month but less than one year. Seasonal requests are filled with vehicles which are scheduled to be decommissioned but are still in acceptable condition. There is a limited supply, therefore requests for seasonal assignments should be submitted as soon as the agency becomes aware a vehicle is needed for a seasonal assignment. 

Manufacturer Build Out Dates

It is important to submit vehicle requests as soon as possible to ensure a vehicle will be available when needed and to avoid manufacturer build outs. Build outs occur when the manufacturer no longer accepts orders for the current model year. Estimated build out dates are projected by the manufacturer and change without notice to FMS. Therefore, it is extremely important for requests to be submitted as early as possible. Build out dates can occur as early as January. FMS will notify departments of vehicle orders received after the build out dates as well as those returned by the manufacturer as unable to build. Departments can then decide whether to cancel the order or hold and order the next model year.

Not Replacing Vehicles

If you choose not to replace the Fleet Vehicles that FMS has recommended for replacement and if vehicle has 75,000 or more miles on it; is 6 years old or older; or is considered in fair to poor condition, Fleet Management Services reserves the right to only complete preventative maintenance on the vehicle. If the vehicle needs repair, FMS may remove the vehicle from service.

Please Note: FMS does not typically have extra vehicles that can be used as a temporary replacement if your vehicle is taken out of service.

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