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MERP Community Capacity Building Mini-Grants

These grants fund municipal efforts for capacity building and active participation in energy resilience initiatives, specific to MERP and beyond. Municipalities may conduct community education and outreach regarding Vermont's climate policies and incentives to cut energy costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and improve energy resilience in municipally owned buildings. These grants can also be used to identify potential candidate buildings for MERP's free Energy Resilience Assessments and Implementation Grants of up to $500,000, coming later this year.

Some examples of how this grant can be used are:

  • Hiring a municipal official as a MERP community engagement project manager. 
  • Hiring a consultant to ensure project readiness and competitiveness when Implementation Grants become available, such as completing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) building assessment.
  • Contracting a technical assistance provider such as Vermont League of Cities and Towns or your Regional Planning Commission for items related to a MERP project but outside of the program scope.
  • Establishing a municipal energy committee and/or amplifying existing committee work. 
  • Printing energy resilience materials including posters or mailers for local residents and businesses. 
  • Expenses associated with community energy resilience meetings- event space rental, equipment, food, childcare, etc. 
  • Creating or enhancing a website or social media presence related to energy and energy resilience.
  • Any other effort to promote community energy resilience or establish a municipal energy resilience plan.