Forms and Documents

Standard RFP Attachments:

Standard Contract for Information Technology Services:

Confidentiality Agreement

Standard Contract for Services

  • Standard Contract for Services (12/15/2017 Revised)

  • Standard Short Form:  Standard Short Form .  Use of this Short Form is not authorized and the Standard State Contract Form must be used if any of the following apply: (i) the Contract Term is more than 12 months; (ii) the Maximum Amount is more than $24,999; (iii) the Scope of Work involves life safety, transport of persons, hazardous materials, construction, data usage or sharing, access to confidential information, services of licensed professionals, a Zero Dollar Contract, and/or a Financial Transaction Contract.

Contract Amendment Form

Novation Agreement: The Novation has been removed while under review by the AGO.

Construction Requirements

Additional Terms and Conditions for Architect and Engineer Requirements

Contractor Tax Exempt Form

Fuel Requirements Form

Online Forms

  • Contract Comments Form
  • Website Comments Survey

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