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State of Vermont – Federal Terms Supplement

When bidding contracts using Federal funds, the State must consider applicable Federal procedures for solicitation, award, and required contract clauses. The basic authority for the Federal requirements, the Federal Office of Management and Budget’s “Uniform Guidance”, is 2 CFR Part 200.

Guidance regarding the implementation of the new requirements can be found in the Memorandum from Commissioner Fitch dated July 20, 2023 - Update, entitled Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Updated Federally Required Contract-Related Requirements. The Memorandum also contains examples of BGS’s implementation of the requirements to assist agencies.

The Federal Terms Supplement must go in all contracts and purchases of products and services when using Federal Funds as well any amendment in which a pre-existing contract will now be used, in accordance with the attached guidance.

Information Technology Bidding form templates:

Request for Proposal RFP Form template - Services:

Request of Information (RFI) Form template:

Standard RFP Attachments:

Standard Contract form template for Information Technology (IT) Services:

Confidentiality Agreement:

Standard Contract form template for Services:

  • Standard Contract for Services (12-13-2023) Revised)

  • Standard Short Form: Standard Short Form (03-25-2024 Revised)Use of this Short Form is not authorized and the Standard State Contract Form must be used if any of the following apply: (i) the Contract Term is more than 12 months; (ii) the Maximum Amount is more than $24,999; (iii) the Scope of Work involves life safety, transport of persons, hazardous materials, construction, data usage or sharing, access to confidential information, services of licensed professionals, a Zero Dollar Contract, and/or a Financial Transaction Contract.

Bid Tab Sheet/Registry Form template:

Waiver Request Form template:

Novation and Amendment Form template:

Construction Forms

Construction Invitation to Bid Template:

Mean Prevailing Wage Rate Notice:

Construction Contract Form template:

Attachment B MLA Template:

General Conditions:

Additional Terms and Conditions for Architect and Engineer Requirements

Contractor Tax Exempt Form template:

Tax Exempt Form template

Fuel Requirements Form: