Office of Purchasing & Contracting


Debbie Damore, Purchasing & Contracting Director  
10 Baldwin Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-7501
PHONE: (802) 828-2211
FAX: (802) 828-2222



Our vision is to provide state agencies with exceptional products and services that meet agency requirements effectively, at the lowest cost, through a process that meets all applicable laws and administrative requirements.


To provide leadership and services for innovative, responsive and accountable public purchasing.


Manage the acquisition of material, equipment, supplies, fuel and printing for all state agencies.

Oversee the bidding and contracting process to ensure compliance with Bulletin 3.5 and relevant State statutes and Executive Orders.

  • Planning, design, construction, renovation, repair, maintenance, and various services for State buildings.
  • All contract approval process for all contracts initiated by the Department of Buildings and General Services.
  • Commodities needed by any State agency/department.

Awards are made in the best interest of the state pursuant to Title 29, Chapter 49 V.S.A. It further states “The Commissioner of Buildings and General Services shall contract for and make all purchases, including but not limited to all fuel, supplies, materials, equipment, for all departments, offices, institutions and other agencies of the state and counties.” The Purchasing and Contract Administration Division is charged by its Commissioner to provide those services and administer the requirements outlined in the statutes and applicable administrative bulletins.

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