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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

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These Contracts may be utilized for the purchase of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and installation services including but, not limited to furnish and install charging stations, electrical service, transformers, utility poles, panels, breakers, disconnects, conduit, conductors, concrete pads and footings, mounting hardware, safety bollards, new pavement, sidewalk replacement, curbs and landscaping.

When a Purchasing Entity has a need for services, it will prepare a Statement of Work (SOW)-Request for Proposal (RFP).  The SOW-RFP may be issued to the Contractors who are pre-qualified to provide the desired service(s). Those pre-qualified contractors may then submit bids within the date and time established by the SOW-RFP.

Following SOW-RFP evaluation, if the Contractor is selected to perform work on a project, the Purchasing Entity will enter into a SOW Agreement with the Contractor selected. Projects are not to exceed $500,000.00 including all cost associated with the Project such as labor, materials and equipment, etc. All SOW forms can be found below.

SOW Agreements funded by federal funds may have additional terms included as necessary to comply with federal requirements.

Purchasing Entities must follow the procedures of the State Contract Administrator to execute SOW Agreements against these Contracts, which shall include, as applicable, approvals from the Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS), Energy Office, prior to making purchases under these Contracts. Coordination with BGS Energy Office regarding all aspects of the design and installation process is required.  

All SOW-Agreements placed under this Contract must include the Contract Number. The Purchasing Entity shall provide a SOW Agreement number to the Contractor to reference on their invoice for services completed under that specific Statement of Work assignment.

Additional Purchasing Entites may include:

Unversity of Vermont (UVM) & Vermont State Colleges:
These Contracts shall also be available for use by the University of Vermont as well as the Vermont State Colleges Inc., a separate corporation, that includes Castelton State College, Northern Vermont University, Community College of Vermont, and the Vermont Technical College, under the same prices terms and conditions as offered to the State.  Contractor shall invoice the University of Vermont or Vermont State Colleges, Inc.  directly for all items furnished to and purchased by any such entity, which shall be solely responsible for payment of such invoices.

Municipalities & Schools:
These Contracts shall also be available for use by Political Subdivisions and independent colleges of the state under the same prices, terms and conditions as offered to the State.  Contractor shall invoice the Political Subdivisions and independent colleges directly for all items furnished to any such political subdivision or independent college, which shall be solely responsible for payment of such invoices.

SOW-RFP & SOW Agreement Templates:
Attachment D1:  Retainer Form SOW-RFP (Statement of Work Request for Proposal) (09/26/2019)
Attachment D2:  SOW-Agreement (Statement of Work Agreement) (09/26/2019)
Attachment D3:  SOW-Amendment (Statement of Work Amendment) (09/26/2019)

Contractors shall not solicit work from State entities. Contractors must wait to be contacted by an Agency/Department needing services performed.

Contract supplier     Expiration
39049 Apex Solar Power LLC Ben Sopczyk
Chris Hall
518.309.2786 08/31/2024


To view a Contract, click on the Contract number. If you need additional information, contact James Meyers,
State Senior Purchasing Agent - 802.249.7275.

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