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NOTE: The mini-bid second stage is strictly mandatory. Pricing should be sought from all equipment makes/ dealers that have models of equipment with specifications that could meet the needs connected with that purchase. The mini-bid template also allows agencies to document makes or models that they consider to not align with the purpose of the purchase, for which bids to not need to be sought.

Following the completion and evaluation of the mini-bid stage, the Agency/Department will issue a Purchase Order (PO) with a project Statement of Work.  The resultant PO will be administered by the agency/department.

The mini-bid process is built around a template, which guides the steps of the mini-bid process, and, while doing so, creates the record of the mini-bid process and the Agency/Department selection decision for the specific purchase.

The completed mini-bid document must be kept for each purchase. It should be kept with the Purchase Order in the Agency/Department financial records connected with that Purchase Order, and should also be kept by the Agency/ Department operating unit that is making the purchase. The mini-bid documents should be retained for not less than the useful life of the acquired equipment.

The mini-bid documents connected with any/all purchases must be promptly available for inspection upon request by the Office of Purchasing & Contracting.


Contract supplier     Expiration
42945 Caterpillar, Inc. (Master) Juan Velandia 786.624.9964 04/10/2024
42864 Clark Equipment (Master) Randy Fuss 701.241.8746 04/10/2024
42865 CNH Industrial America LLC (Master) Tony Simpson 262.631.0881 04/10/2024
42866 CNH Industrial America LLC (Master) Wayne Crow 717.355.1683 04/10/2024
42861 John Deere (Master) Brooke Devol 309.207.0431 04/10/2024
42879 Beauregard Equipment Inc. (Distributor) Jesse Scott 802.893.1555 04/10/2024
42883 Champlain Valley Equipment (Distributor) Tim Curtis 802.524.6782 04/10/2024
43034 Champlain Valley Equipment (Distributor) Tim Curtis 802.524.6782 04/10/2024
42966 Milton CAT (Distributor) Ward Butler 802.434.7805 04/10/2024
43147 United Construction and Forestry (Distributor) Timothy Pudvar 802.363.2777 04/10/2024

To view the contracts that Vermont has in place, and the master contracts of the NASPO ValuePoint “lead State” Oklahoma, click on the links above.

To view specific models of equipment available on contract, and the applicable discounts, please refer to the NASPO ValuePoint pages, here:



               Clark (Bobcat)

               John Deere

               New Holland


If you need additional information, contact Bill Vivian, State Purchasing Agent - 802.261.0797

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